The way to enlightenment…

When you have put your self in a cage, you can only see from where you are. How would you ever be able to see the total picture? Would you ever dare to leave the confinement of your limited brain thinking?
When you feed your ego with the crap they are trying to sell you, holding on to the image you want to see and you want others to support that image…feeding your brain with comfort food, telling you how good, how magnificent you are…but deep inside you know it’s not true and that you are putting on a show…letting others pull your strings…being this puppet that is easy to manipulate…hanging on to those LABELS you want to be…filling your life with labels…eating labeled food that is much to your liking…never looking for any real food to digest, just sticking to those familiar labels…and you poison your brain with what others feed you, waiting for others to tell you what to do, how to live, how to be, what to believe in…afraid to think for yourself ▶️ Then how are you any different than a robot, waiting to be programmed?

If there is any real self inside you…allow it to be freed. Save humanity!