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True creation

Here we go…more material…more food for thought…consider it to be “fruits de mer” …sea food … food for thought with a difficulty degree: YOU HAVE TO DO A LOT OF WORK to get it out LOL. It looks scary, even alien…but boy, once you get a taste of it….SEE food. Enjoy deciphering it, bit by bit…

As an artist, an artificial creator, I am being the one when I create. But what is true creation? How were all the beings here on Earth created from the ORIGINAL ONE and how are we deceived to loose track of our originality?

What is original (from source/ origin) creation and what is the maya/the illusion we create for our selves?

Original creation is when we become a vessel for the ORIGIN ALL or SOURCE. Original creation happens when we see truth, accept it, find the source we are and open up to our selves as a divine being. It means that we truly see our selves as we are and recognise our selves in ALL other beings, knowing that here on Earth – in this dimension – we are all broken pieces from that ONE that mirrored its self into the water and took a snapshot of his self AT THAT GIVEN MOMENT. 

We are all just living IMAGES of the ONE light that saw its self through the skies (disguise) – the constellations – and created a living image of its self at that PARTICULAR moment, with the PARTS that were present at that moment. We are all pictures (picture its) developing our selves into images. 

The skies (constellations) – at the time we were created – ACT as the negative and the ONE SOURCE of light projects its self into the negative upon a carrier, a virgin sheet so sensitive it receives the projected enlightened image. This is the woman (womb-man) which gradually develops the image into a being that becomes visible within THIS dimension.

Anyone who studied photography knows X-act-ly what I’m talking about. The rulers within this dimension decided to give me a degree into this knowledge more than a decade ago. I guess it was not a coincidence that I wanted to study this deeper and  to turn my self 360 degrees to see THE SELF from every possible angle 🤣🤣🤣

True creation is creation from source, the ONE REAL IAM ( the right being) and not from the fake I WANT TO BE. 

What we are doing in this visible dimension we live in is disconnect from source and forget about our origin. We just take our self and create it into an adjusted version of the image. We put up a show here on Earth and show the version of our self that we want to “show off”. We let our ego do the creation and digitalise our picture – we manipulate it with our digits – while putting up a fake creation that becomes the reason to compare, judge and compete with our selves. 

We forget about our originality and trade it in for individuality.

Instead of EQUALISING each other – like the original colours of the rainbow do when they break up as the light shines through the water – we start to see each other separately away from the original light, start comparing our individual frequency and find a way to judge, compare and compete the “broken part” we are with all the other broken parts. But no matter what we do, together we still are all the split- up and broken frequencies within the ONE light we were before we split our selves up into the many. We are ACTually all fighting our SELF.

I use the word “SELF” a lot for the reason of TUNING INTO the frequency of the INNER NET’s TRUE SELF within every being, hoping that the reader might GET IT, SEE IT, FIND THAT KNOWLEDGE WITHIN THE INNER NET OF BE-INGS while using the INTERNET OF THINGS. I hope you understand the difference: the first one is the true natural ONE we all are. The second one is the mirror of the original and is a distorted version and a surrogate for the original one.

Compare it with the religious Christ and the antichrist from the BIB-EL, the book that bound together the words of El ( The divine one), copied them from ancient writings several thousands of years ago and manipulated everything you were allowed to know in a soup of figurative speech and personification, knowing most people would not see the deeper meaning of the enlightening words that once were delivered by those that could see behind the visible.
Christ consciousness is the INNER NET within the speed of light. It is the SPIRIT of enlightenment that binds all BE-ings. However the internet is the SURROGATE of that connection that we all once had, but lost along the way. It is NOT the original light, not the original information…but a distorted version of the light which is used to empower man’s own beast. Maybe you understand now why I say in one of my songs, probably my most CREEPY one LOL, be ware of the spider on the web…” https://youtu.be/k_n9aXbbk28

I talk in parables at times and what I say has deeper meanings. AT LANT(D) IS where MER-MADES were. https://youtu.be/8JT9hivsBhk

TRUTH IS IN THE EYE OF THE B-HOLDER. Mind the QUEEN and let the workers do the job. Together they create the honey. O, so sweet…

I probably do not make sense to the people that don’t fully sense the true meaning of these words. Life is a journey…and I’ve been on many rollercoasters, have seen a lot. I dived into the deep and survived, was reborn into another being. Most of the time I feel like an alien into this world, unable to limit the full potential I am aware of to my own limited human brain. I sense so much out of my body that at times other people’s memories get conscious into my own head and I just speak of things to them I shouldn’t be knowing at all in a state of being that is way out there, a trance-like state.  

Psychiatry glued the term “above average intelligence psychotic” to me and it covers the being that I am to most of the people on this planet. I provide them with a label judging a being that is doomed to cover up and alienate its sensitive self for reasons of sanity.  It’s a scary world for me at times when I go through stuff I can’t comprehend with my limited human brain functions and GO OUT OF MY MIND looking for an explanation. It’s even scarier for other people to witness me doing this. So, I just keep a lot to my self, turn it into a comedy at times and have a laugh with my self🤣🤣🤣. 

I annoy my self talking about what others see as my dis-ease in this world, but I’m fully aware of that part. However the gift of the abilities I see in my self is what others would rather not see. They see me as NOTHING. I don’t matter to them. Correct. I am NO-THING, but they don’t really see the importance of being nothing. This world is about being SOME-ONE. People are looking to be someone, but they forget that the ONE they are looking for is NOTHING. 

Nothing is the origin of everything. 


I see people working to become gold, but they forget about the essential water that keeps them alive. If I were to tell them “my water is gold and I’m made up of water and golden light”, most would not (want to) understand, some would call me crazy. I would tell them they were right and let them go on about their business, comparing their self to others, because the ONE THING they would like to achieve is SUPERIORITY.

We’ve created a world where the red and blue seem to fight each other, yet they are a fraction of the same ONE light. The blue keeps the red from going down and the red keeps the blue from going up. They rule the system of the rainbow, the illusion that divides us all.  

Our difficult task as HUMANE BEINGS is to see through the maya of illusion we call reality and SEE WHAT IS BEHIND this visible dimension we live in. 

If we were all ants and one crazy ant told you about the human world, most ants would ignore it, laugh it away, deem it unimportant or whatever reaction that might suit them to take away the fear of breaking the illusion that ANTS RULE THE WORLD and whatever they have going on down there. Most ants don’t look into the sky, don’t know about planets, stars etc. They just go about their business, never MINDING about nothing and everything. 

An ant would need to LEVEL UP spiritually to become aware, just as humans need to level up spiritually to B-come HUMANE.

So B-holder, let nature B your guide. Let the spirit of enlightenment show you the way!

Just like Shakespeare said quite some time ago “to Be or not to Be, that is the question”, a sentence he delivered to the world in his STATE OF BEING, words that still remain known to us today…so do I, Eleven, a mystery to most of you, a crazy person creating songs, paintings, and also THE LINES YOU ARE READING NOW…in a state of being while beholding the spirit of enlightenment …give to you my words to linger in your mind:

“I love the self in me and I love the self in you. As I write to you, I also write to my self as I am a vessel for THE one self”