Experiencing the magic of awareness… the experimennt

I’ve tweetet about my book “The Key”, which is fully free for any of you to read. If you want to, have a look at my tweets. But I realise that reading a book is not exciting enough, too much work. So I’ll try a different approach.
I’ll give you “experiences” you can go through your self.
First realise that you are in “limited brain thinking”. You have learned a certain way of thinking that limits you from experiencing the whole truth.
Truths as -the inside is the outside
-you can bend reality and shape it
-you are energy experiencing life through your body
-your awareness is limited and you have to expand it
-you are much more powerful than you think you are
-you are what you eat, what you think, what you believe
-we are all connected on the energy level
-when you judge others you are judging your self

So go outside and look at the sky, observe it without thinking, open your self up and raise your frequency by feeling love….intensify this feeling until you feel a kind of liberation, like an emptiness… then release one thought “Let me see the other dimensions in the sky. Let me see more”.’…..hold on to that thought and start looking, start looking for ways to see the sky into another perspective.
At some point you will get aware. You will see particles of light dancing into the sky, ripples being created. The colours around you will appear brighter. You will see things you never noticed before….just by giving it AWARENESS.

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