A thousand points of light

I help people FREE their SELF. It’s a hell of a task. The label that people have glued upon me is “the crazy one”.

Actually they are right: oneness is kind of crazy from the ego’s point of view. I don’t mind being the crazy one: it offers me a way to talk about “crazy things”.

The language I talk is very symbolic and needs a deeper understanding.

Most people don’t take the effort to understand. They’d rather ignore and go about their busy lives, complaining about everything.

In their eyes people like me don’t really DO anything.

That is because society has deemed me “worthless” to be in society.  I am NOT supporting any ego structure.

What I do for the self is OF NO IMPORTANCE: it is NOT SEEN. In this world of masquerades where FALSE SELF (ego) has been put upon a statue and TRUE SELF has no place anymore, they find them FALSE selves to be “better” and “above” TRUE SELF.

My humble apologies to those who despise or fear me: I will have to disappoint you in continuing my quest to FREE the self of this world. That is what “illuminata” truly means: to enlighten this world. I am but just ONE point holding the light. But there will come a day when there will be a thousand points of light, away from the NET.

Some say that “escaping the net” is cheating on the system and unfair to others.

Is it? Can you change the system within your cage? You can chose to be the martyr and shout from within your cage, while others silently FREE THEIR SELF using your DISTRACTION as a way out. Those who escape awaits a NEW WORLD, a world they cannot talk about to the caged ones without being called “crazy” or “fool”, without being hated by some and feared by others.  You will not be popular and mostly misunderstood.

It is often a road of exploration in solitude, of understanding the incomprehensible, of inner values vs outer worth, of being humble, gr(e)ateful, of NOT taking it personal…


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