I am Nobody, nice meeting you!

I’ve been called crazy and psychotic because I experience things that nobody understands. Still, I’m an intelligent person…so they call me an “intelligent psychotic”. It makes it easier for people to ignore what I say and what I experience. I comprehend and see their worry. It is scary and weird to have my kind of brain and to see through the veil, experience a world beyond the visible.

I invite any of you to  experience what I have and NOT GET INSANE about it. Even though I joke about it and have become so weary and doubtful about anything that IS…at times I still get very upset and totally “lose it”. I literally feel the Earth moving from under my feet and I become more “energy” than I am human. I stand beside the collective and I enter a world of energies, of other dimensions. It is quite an experience and can be very emotional. The energies can work with me and put me before a situation I have to solve with them. Like a computer game I’d be entering a world within a world, fighting to save the Earth against a threat. In one of those games I ended up being that threat, fighting this beast so much that I ended up as a very destructive force, the lower self. That was very emotional.

In another case the energies lifted me up so high that I became the higher self. That was great. I gained a lot of knowledge from that. The world is really weird when that happens. I had to keep a calm collective and I felt so peaceful like I was walking on air. But then something happened that lowered my frequency again. Sometimes the road leading to heaven can get turbulent 😂😂😂

I can lose everything personal about my self and be like “nothing”. Yet, there is great power in being the no-thing. It’s the state of enlightenment.

Getting back some of my personal information from my memory after the experience is another thing. It’s hard to do things for my self. There is this big force working against me to stop me from being individual again. It feels like this very tiring inner forcefield keeps me from doing that.

If I had the right egoless people and an egoless society around me and if I could trust that the world is safe, I would probably be able to stay in this “enlightened state”.

A lot of it can’t be explained by logic. So when logic gets in, which gets the ego back in…things get totally in sane. So it’s important to stay peaceful and observe from somewhere outside your own self and get a general overview.

It is amazing to experience all this. Yet I know that when I talk about it, most people will not allow themselves to “listen to a lunatic”.

Well, I’m pretty sure that in today’s Western society they would even call Buddha a nutcase…

I sometimes get in a state of trance and let another frequency enter for a short time. I see it as being a hotel and clearing up a few rooms to invite some welcomed guests. They sometimes knock on the door and reception checks them out before they get a room 😂😂😂. It can lead to songs, to paintings, to weird writings, to genius ideas, to more knowledge.


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