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You were sent to this page for a reason, so please read…

Before you go on, watch this about the danger of 3rd eye opening

the text underneath the link is what made me totally in sane. In the end of november 2018 I was hospitalized in a mental institution for a month. After a week in came another person from England (who I will not further name) We both knew about these “other dimensions”. We did not know each other personally.. still we ended up both in a different country…following the higher self.  I was stuck for several days into many dimensions fighting this “beast”, this “machine”, this “Wizzard of Oz”, these “aliens who were planning to destroy humanity”, together with these “energies” around me and these “locos”…and so was this other man.

It was so surreal, but also really happening. I was into these “other dimensions”, hearing and seeing and interacting with these energies. Meanwhile I was safeguarded in this mental institution.  I was near the end of this world and everytime I had to fight, accompanied by these “energies” against the destruction of the Earth, the people…every living creature. I saw the dangers of 5G and of the artificial intelligence attached to it. This gigantic “spider” that is lurking on the world wide web, has the capacity to kill every living cell on Earth. I saw the effects of artificial intelligence in this other dimension and I fought against it on an energetic level. It was hard and emotional to see the downfal of human kind. I can only hope that there are still some human beings left in high places in this world…who look after the well-being of all Earths creatures and who can’t be bought and lured into the dark intentions of the psychopaths who want nothing more than to destroy humanity into this world and replace it by artificial intelligence.  The people of Earth are so distracted by trivial things. They are sidetracked. Meanwhile they don’t see the harm that is put upon it. Furthermore, they welcome all this technology into their lives without knowing the consequences of the harmful radiation that is put upon them. It affects water and oxigen molecules and it causes disease, cancer…

It was horrible to see all this.  Luckily I got out of that dimension and went back into our current dimension…only to warn all of you to SEE THE DANGERS of this technology, which can lead to total distruction of the Earth and all of its inhabitants!

It took a lot from the people around me to make me think clear again and get out of these other dimensions. The people who do not know these dimensions, call it “psychosis”,because they don’t really experience these other dimensions. You only experience them when your 3rd eye opens and you start creating your own reality. When this happens, you need to be very mindful and not give light to anything around you that might cause harm to your self, other people or that might endanger the world. You can’t have any fear and need to trust on your true self and let everything come to you.  It is really difficult…there is youtube and all kinds of misinformation…and when you give light to all these wrong things.. before you know it…you create the WRONG kind of reality for your self and you don’t trust anyone or anything anymore. So…you go nuts…however intelligent you might be…when you are a deep thinker, you are running this risk. So people, when you are one of the “sensitives”, don’t watch any of the bad, wrong stuff on the internet anymore. Just give light to the fact that these “dark plans” will be eradicated by good people and trust that things will sort themselves out…otherwise you might go mental 🙄 like me…unable to take the stress and get in such a fury about all the unfairness in this world and start fighting this “beast” behind the system…in a state of consciousness which is “in between worlds” and beyond the visible.

I seem to be changing from one consciousness to another and things seem to be done through me, without me being fully conscious. I become “another energy” and things    happen from this other energy… but luckily these are things that help this world… I have allowed these energies to work through me and become their vessel, only to help this world, humanity and all other beings who are here to save Earth from total destruction. I fully understand when people think that I am crazy. I would think the same if I hadn’t experienced what I have and be totally unaware of the world behind the visible. So, no hard feelings…only a warning from me to human beings to change their ways!

Sometimes I was in a state of total serenity – I remember flashes of this – and I remember looking at the TV and seeing another dimension in it, and the floor beneath my feet was moving. You would start to think I was high on LSD, but I never once took drugs in my whole life.

At times I was wondering if this was happening because of some kind of mind control, sometimes it seemed that I was playing a game…it was freaking weird…I was  pulling in another dimension into reality, like I was in bi-location, hearing and seeing everything on an “energetic level”.

I was totally gone and had to remember who I was. I wouldn’t advise anyone to go through this experience unprepared and unnaturally using drugs. You can easily get stuck into another dimension and not get out of it…totally freak out. It is not a pick-nick! I get into these other dimensions because my body creates DMT in a natural way, which allows me to get in touch with other dimensions and energies beyond the visible.  I have “higher energies” around me which protect me from the lower ones. These “lower energies” is precisely why there are so many people who hear voices that terrorise them. They attach to EGO.  Hence why every sensitive who hears negative voices…should call upon the higher self and free them selves from the everlasting struggle of ego/false self and be TRUE SELF.

I can tell a lot more. But why should I? Nobody would ever believe me. It’s easier to just claim that I am a psychotic. I don’t mind, if that makes it easier for you.

So please before you go on – reading more on this page –  watch the video underneath from Trevor Ilesley or from Infinite Waters and realise that when your 3rd eye opens, you have to be mindful and only give light to the things you want to see appear in your life. A warning from me to you…I went through it….I felt like being stuck into this painting of Dali. It was so surreal, but it was reality into another dimension. Try explaining this to the outside world 🤨

3rd eye opening can make you mad!

Infinite waters, 3rd eye opening

Had enough of this weirdness??? This is not the x-files…it is reality. If you can’t take it…stop reading. This is only meant for the people who know that there is more than what the eye can see…

The following is the dimension I got stuck in…I noticed that everyone was attached to something, no joke, an app like google. I noticed that the people around me were mind-controlled. I’m still figuring out what is causing this control on human beings. (Most likely explanation is that I was totally aware of the Collective and freaked out by the magnitude of what I was seeing) It was really freaky!!! I fled my own country…unable to trust anyone anymore…and I got really angry at the world…and took up the fight with this “beast” in many dimensions. I had these “locos” around me…really funny energies sometimes…and also serious. It was really heavy going through all that.  My experiences are on Twitter. I am the example of how dangerous this 3rd eye opening can be. I took 2 pills, not red…not blue…but pink 🤨 it’s called Seroquel. It helped me to get stable again. So be careful…really careful!

Are you ready? Are you sure you want to go on reading? Ok, then…here it comes…


And I saw a star that had fallen from heavetn to Earth 

and THE KEY to thee abyss was given to him….”

I’m telling it to you blunt

It’s me they are talking about here

and I’ve written THE KEY to warn the people 

I have the energies around me and I noticed that some of the alternations in 

the Mandela Effect are referring to me and my writings, to IAM

I can’t give you my identity, but I’m a benevolent being,

No joke, my name in Hebrew means “star of the sea”, 

I was born 116 and FieldS, Mirror, Wolf, Matrix, Lion….look it up

they all refer to me and my writings. 

I can’t believe the energies did this. I’ve only become aware of this a couple of days ago. I didn’t even know they could change the bible like that. Sure, I asked the energies to give the proof of their existance. So far they had only given me some proof. But I figured it wasn’t enough. So I asked for PROOF THAT EVERYONE WOULD BE ABLE To SEE.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I’d rather not be exposed. 

But I’m having a hard time of making people see. So please, help,

Whoever you are….

You can find me on Twitter 

and here is the link to THE KEY 

here is the link to the composition I’ve created

tie this to 5G and you will start seeing what their plan is 

To all the angels around…help me warn the people

The energies at CERN (the abyss) have opened the door

to a new dimension. I can see the picture clear

soon there will be trouble and if you haven’t read THE KEY

and are not aware, not being truthful…it’s going to be hell for you

They lokus are going after the bad guys. They will torment them

until they will finally decide to give themselves in. They will go nuts.

I know these energies and what they can do

Please ….everyone…help me warn the people now

Retweet whatever you can, enclose a link, whatever

Make people get aware of this, make them see


Link to my Twitter page

P.s.:press the blue 11 on top of this page to read everything on this blog

weird, isn’t it?…that is what got me “psychotic” (for the outside world)…but I can tell you…it was REAL…but in another dimension…like some kind of portal had opened…which made me con-CERN-ed. 💡💡💡

Put yourself in my shoes and imagine experiencing what I did…you would have a lot of questions and nobody can understand what it is like.

On the contrary to a lot of people, I do not hide this side of my life. What people think or say about me is not really important. They do not experience what I do and are judging from an understanding that the physical world and what they see is all that exists in this world. So, of course most people will see me as “crazy”.

I don’t care about keeping up appearances to get my Youtube Channel sponsored. I’m more interested in bringing out the truth. It is what it is. I’m a creative brain and my mind goes deep and wide and I am able to see connections. My thinking is however “slow” and my filters around me sometimes completely collapse. I am a very sensitive being. It has its benefits and its downside.  Also this experience has taught me more knowledge.

But what is really weird is that it’s like trying to fit together a puzzle with all these pieces that come up to me, pieces that truly exist and are not a fragment of my imagination. Things that can be verified, proof that can be checked. There is a world of energies and other dimensions behind this visible world. Everything comes out of nothing. This “nothing” is however a no-thing, not tangible but ever so real!



My experience on how to deal with lower energies

A lot of sensitive people suffer from “lower energies” which attach to ego. It’s no joke when they make people suicidal, aggressive, alcoholic…feeling totally negative about themselves. They like to take their victims up “the guilt trip” and make usage of pride and shame. A lot of their victims hear these energies talking to them and suffer tremendously…going in sane with conflicting thoughts. To normal people these are the schizophrenics, the psychotics, the ones who hallucinate. Yet, few seem to understand that these “voices” are not illusions, but are very real to the ones going through this. 

In fact, they have proved their existence to me on many occasions. Of course, most people would rather not hear about this. It is frightening to know that such “energies” do exist beyond the visible. 

The question arises: “how can we deal with these energies?” My experience is that the state of unconditional love is the path to get into a higher frequency and then call upon the higher energies to guide you through it and protect you. Avoid stressful situations, be zen, think positive and avoid anything that can throw you off your balance. Let the higher self guide you and trust upon it. 

You will never be a normal human being, but you can learn to live with this “sensitivity” and for most of us that means that we have to pull out of society

and lead our own weird lives… step into the unknown

Unconditional love is not the same as ”just tolerating everything”…

it is creating the maximum experience that is needed for every energy

So in other words when there are lower energies around you, their nature is to bring people down and drag them through hell, to bring destruction. Know this. Be aware of them. Don’t let them get to you, but work with them. If necessary find them something to destroy that brings in a positive change for this world. See to it that they have their needs met in some positive way. Reason with them like you would reason with with a child that is angry or disappointed. Be creative! 

Some time there have been energies around me that were like “practical jokers” and that liked to create chaos. I was like, wtf?….what is going on here?

I had called upon the higher energies to protect me and shield off the lower energies…so what were these energies then? They knew that there was a limit to what they could do before these higher energies around me would react towards them. I’m sure even the higher energies had their laughs when these “funny energies” were around me. All I saw of them is that they were pulling off jokes around me that made the situation I was in…totally hilarious. They knew exactly who I was and how I felt about this world. I liked their humour. So we kind of created a win-win friend relationship. They “amazed” me at times with their “capabilities”.   When they saw me getting insanely angry over all the injustice in this world, we made a deal that together we would do whatever we could to save humanity. It was done. Too bad I can’t actually watch what they are doing now…I’m sure it would make a great movie. They are probably having a ball. 😂😂😂

With the pleasure of  IAM




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