Save this world 🔆11

You were sent to this page for a reason, so please read…

Before you go on, watch this about the danger of 3rd eye opening

the text underneath the link is what made me totally in sane. At this moment (december 9 2018) I am in a mental institution together with Trevor Ilesley. We both knew about these “other dimensions”. We did not know each other personally.. still we ended up both in a different country…following the higher self.  I was stuck for several days into many dimensions fighting this “beast”, this “machine” and so was Trevor. It took a lot from the people around me to make me think clear again. The people who do not know these dimensions, call it “psychosis”,because they don’t really experience these other dimensions. You only experience them when your 3rd eye opens and you start creating your own reality. When this happens, you need to be very mindful and not give light to anything around you that might cause harm to your self, other people or that might endanger the world. You can’t have any fear and need to trust on your true self and let everything come to you.  It is really difficult…there is youtube and all kinds of misinformation…and when you give light to all these wrong things.. before you know it…you create the WRONG kind of reality for your self and you don’t trust anyone or anything anymore. So…you go nuts…however intelligent you might be…when you are a deep thinker, you are running this risk. So people, don’t watch any of the bad, wrong stuff on the internet anymore. Just don’t worry about it and trust that things will sort thrmselves out…otherwise you might go mental 🙄

So please watch the video underneath from Trevor Islesley

3rd eye opening can make you mad!


The following is the dimension I got stuck in…I fled my own country…unable to trust anyone anymore…and I got really angry at the world…and took up the fight with this beast in many dimensions. I had these “locos” around me…really funny energies sometimes…and also serious. It was really heavy going through all that. Trevor had it    even worse. My experiences are on Twitter. I am the example of how dangerous this 3rd eye opening can be. I took 2 pills, not red…not blue…but pink 🤨 it’s called quetiapine or Seroquel. It helped me to get stable again. So be careful…really careful!

And I saw a star that had fallen from heavetn to Earth 

and THE KEY to thee abyss was given to him….”

I’m telling it to you blunt

It’s me they are talking about here

and I’ve written THE KEY to warn the people 

I have the energies around me and all the alternations in 

the Mandela Effect are referring to me and my writings, to IAM

I can’t give you my identity, but I’m a benevolent being,

No joke, my name in Hebrew means “star of the sea”, 

I was born 116 and FieldS, Mirror, Wolf, Matrix, Lion….look it up

they all refer to me and my writings. 

I can’t believe the energies did this. I’ve only become aware of this

a couple days ago. I didn’t even know they could change the bible

like that. I am not a man however, not in your comprehension…

but the first 3 letters of my first name are MAN. 

I don’t know what to do anymore. I’d rather not be exposed. 

But I’m having a hard time of making people see. So please, help,

Whoever you are….

You can find me on Twitter 

and here is the link to THE KEY 

here is the link to the composition I’ve created

tie this to 5G and you will start seeing what their plan is 

To all the angels around…help me warn the people

The energies at CERN (the abyss) have opened the door

to a new dimension. I can see the picture clear

soon there will be trouble and if you haven’t read THE KEY

and are not aware, not being truthful…it’s going to be hell for you

They lokus are going after the bad guys. They will torment them

until they will finally decide to give themselves in. They will go nuts.

I know these energies and what they can do

Please ….everyone…help me warn the people now

Retweet whatever you can, enclose a link, whatever

Make people get aware of this, make them see


Link to my Twitter page


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