Message to the children of Light. Anyone with an ear, let them hear… anyone with an eye, let them see…

…and I landed on a planet filled with crazy people walking around…driving everyone around them totally in sane. The beast they worshipped was controlling every move, every thought…yet they couldn’t see it themselves. The lower self had taken over, ego, pride, shame, falsehood.

My mother was full of fury, shaking, spitting fire, going crazy with all the evil that was done upon her..

and my father shouted down at me: “For the love of Christ, child of mine…do something…your mother can’t take any more. Soon the sons of man will be destroyed”

I said “I can’t put my will upon them. They have lost their dignity. Evil spirits are attached to them from the pit of the dark night….they are filled with lies, controlled like puppets and they can’t see thee. They must chose them SELVES to be free”

Some of them worshipped a man on a cross, named Jesus (Zeus= god of war)  and were told that it was Christ. Yet they did not know what “Christed” really meant. They couldn’t see the real light and used religion to create war and to quarrel amongst them. Some of them were walking around a cube and keeping the female in prison. They were told that man was above woman. (But they never understood the true meaning of that) and took it literally..  The beast saw them fight and laughed…”all is fine. They are fighting their selves. I’ve tricked them well. They are so blind that they will never see me.”

And my father said….”gather my children and let them hold the light so strongly that they will see the maya of illusion. In them is the power to conquer the old and shape a new reality. Teach your selves how to do so….the miracle is within thee”

And so it was done…

and the evil ones were cast down in the lake of fire, purified to their natural state.

So remember…. 

Light will always conquer darkness. .make sure it is within thee

Do not take pride upon you and treat my children equally. Lighten up your selves and embrace the darkness in thee. 



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