The end of times and the new world arising….

215C19D0-4432-4EF0-9903-01E4BB547E76I came across this video of a woman. I know she is telling the truth. The self, the  IAM, God, the source,…whatever people call it…whether you are religious or not…it exists…it has the name I AM…because it simply “is”, unlike the ego which is I WANT TO BE. Most people are on their ego, full of desires, and feel no connection whatsoever with the I AM….but there is a shift going on…people are waking up.

Understand that dreams or messenges  from the self are in a kind of code form. You have to be connected to understand the true meaning and interpret it from an ego-less state. We are talking about another dimension here. Understand also that “Christ” is not a person…but that it is a personification of the kristos, the kundalini energy rising and opening your third eye, which can shine as bright as the eye in the sky! 

Your ego is the one afraid of dying and is hanging on and attaching to everything around it, in survival modus….making you feel VERY IMPORTANT. Actually it doesn’t exist. It needs the reassurance of other people to be able to exist. When you become true self, you will realise that you are just energy within a body and that all these labels you hold onto are pointless. You are NOTHING….which is exactly the opposite of what your ego wants you to be…This state of Nothingness is a very powerful state…but your own ego and ego-society is keeping you away from it…scared that you will find your own power within.

This is the video of the woman :

About this….

Don’t be scared. I’ll explain it to you….”NOTHING can live”…..true….you have to be “nothing” and “nobody” to find your true self, your divine self….everybody wants to be somebody and is so afraid to be nothing (that is the ego talking) but from this “nothing” you will meet with everything.

Read “The Key” in my attached tweet on Twitter @2_11x11….you will understand

There’s a lot of people out there who can help you, a lot of “lights” that are shining through the darkness. 

I will give you one video . He is genuine and pure.  Now notice that there are people who want to jump on the wagon of enlightenment to enrich themselves and who will charge you 400 dollars to give you half truths. 

The self takes care of its people….everyone who knows, would know better than to do this. Don’t fall for that. There are people out there who share their experiences and help without asking for huge summs of money!

My book “The Key” is totally free for you to read, go to (hit the pdf button for easy reading)  

This is my weird way of helping those who are looking for truth. Furthermore it is inside you! Dig deep! Be truth and you will see truth!


Lighten up….🔆11

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