Nothing is what it seems

I appreciate every experience I have had. The good ones and the bad ones. Because nothing is ever totally good or bad. Every experience I have had in the past was a lesson that gave me awareness. I wouldn’t know what I know today without those “experiences”.

This world is ruled by another dimension, not by people…I can just say this, because I know that 99,9% of the people won’t believe me. That’s o.k. 

Without experiencing this “other dimension”, you will never know about it…and you will never know that life is just a game to them.

Just like there is infrared below our visible spectrum, there are invisible lower energies that cling onto the ego and drag people down. On the other hand, just like ultraviolet..there are energies that pull you up into your real self and take you up towards the higher self, the IAM, the source, the divine self. 

That is the ongoing fight between the light and the darkness.

If I would tell you all I know so far, I would probably freak out millions of people just for a while. But the truth is in fact so unbelievable that nobody wants to assume it is reality. 

One day I just woke up and I knew, I saw all the connections, and it was so surreal …I felt like I had just walked into a painting of Dali.

I wondered what would happen if I got this information out in the open. So I told a few people (who thought I was in some kind of psychosis) and by now will have forgotten everything I’ve told them. However this “other dimension” instantly made it clear to me that “giving away this kind of information” would have its consequences for “those of my kind”. Whatever they did was striking and so specific that it made me realise that I wasn’t just imagining it. I knew this had to remain a secret. There was a purpose for all this. I searched the internet and what I know is out there…even with proof. Some day a whole bunch of people are going to wake up to the truth. But it’s everyone’s decision to look for the truth, find it, accept it and live with the responsibility of knowing it. 

The power of the IAM is within you and within every energy. Use it wisely. 

You are important. Every decision you make affects the whole and can drive humanity towards the light or towards darkness. Stand above your own beast, above what you were ever tought to believe, above pride / shame / popularity / achievements /materialism …. above every selfish motive. Get out of this box that was created around you and take off any label that was glued upon your box. Simply BE and see what you can do to bring back the humanity into this world. No matter where you are or what you do..  whatever your limitations….there is always something you can do. Even when there is nowhere left for you to go….go right within and find your REAL SELF and start asking questions. You will get answers!


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