The only way to get out is to get in!

207728C1-41DC-45E1-B1C2-4261F5C591E0There is a whole other world behind this tangible world, where energies are at work. But you need another consciousness to be aware of that world. 

The door to this hidden world is inside each and everyone of us! The problem is that most people are a prisoner of the world outside of them. We are all looking for freedom and happiness on the outside.


Only the people who experience this occult world can tell you about it.

There is no reason to be afraid of this world of energies, unless your frequency is so low that you attract lower energies towards yourself. Like attracts like. That’s why we should all raise our frequency.

Think and feel loving and positive towards your own self and the self of others. Be compassionate. See behind your own mask and behind the mask of others. Most people are afraid to be themselves and were hurt along the way. It takes a great deal of courage to lose your own mask, look at your true self, feel all the pain and suffering, the guilt, the hate, the manipulation of your own ego…upto the point that you can finally FREE YOUR REAL SELF.  We should all get out of the prison we have created for our selves. Whatever we desire are not TRUE desires. Most desires are thoughts which were somehow manipulated into our minds, pulling us like cords on a puppet to do things, buy things… and we all are a part of this big puppet show, keeping it real while all reality seems to be lost somehow..

Cut the cords now!

If you would have all your desires fulfilled this very instant, you would be thrilled for a while and then suddenly it would dawn upon you: nothing has changed and I’m still longing to fill this void inside of me. How come? Why do I feel so unfulfilled? You would start looking for the anwers inside and suddenly a whole other world would open up to you.   Finally you would realise that it’s better to find the value in your own true self than to find it outside your self or to know your own true self than to desire to be known. Because when you find all those things inside your self, there will no longer be a need to find them outside your self and you will see through any kind of manipulation that is put upon you. You will feel complete, free, happy and you will experience a new awareness: one that exceeds you own limited thinking. You will have “seen the light” and you will start shining your own true self and know that as a light it is your duty to shine and enlighten this world and -symbolically – uncover a world of milk and honey where we all get to drink from the fountain of youth.

I agree with David Lynch about this 

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