The white wolf or the black wolf…which one do you feed?

I never ask for pefection. Because perfection destroys creativity and creativity creates “experiences”. Experience creates mastering.

I’m very good with cats, because my own energy works in the same way. Sometimes from those 24 hours within a day – like a cat – I will be zen for about 20 hours, travelling within, observing the world around me, wondering and pondering and then finally I will rise and take action.  In 4 hours of extreme devotion I can move mountains. 😂😂😂  If there is a shortcut to do it…I will find it. But I won’t take it if it’s the wrong way.

What is the wrong way for me? The wrong way is the road that will lead to more negativity, more destruction for my self and other people.  Somehow I’m connected to the program “save humanity and lead them towards the light”.  Are you one of those too? 🤪 While freeing other people I am freeing my own self and receiving more light.  What I do for other people I also do for my own self. 

The effects of what people do, can be felt on so many levels. If only they knew about this. The inside is the outside. As above, so below.

Be truth and you will see truth

Know thy self and thy will be known

Whatever you do to others, you do to your own self.

I’m not focussed on achieving things. I used to be different and went in a war with my self to MAKE IT BIG! But it made me very unhappy. Little did I know that all my desires came from this EGO who was fighting my TRUE SELF. But my true self was so very strong and surpassed my ego with creativity. It was like someone else wrote the lyrics to my songs. I didn’t even know what it was about. I was getting in information  without my knowing, felt like I was going in a trance. Now I know what it is about.

People tend to always want to achieve something while forgetting to be in the NOW and be grateful for what they already have. It’s not the hard work that will get you anywhere, rather the attitude of thinking outside of the box and finding new ways to go about a situation.

I’m someone who has seen it all: I’ve been at rock bottom in the depths of hell, confused, tormented, suicidal, torn into a million pieces, only to be glued back together and lifted up to witness the experience of  IAM almighty on the highest mountain of the higher self, where life is filled with miracle and wonder.

When you see me in person, I appear to be a fragile young feminine person, very silent, listening, watching, observing. But when I ever open my mouth, out comes this old wise man who only talks when the time is given. I only live by truth and those who do not respect this will see the rebel in me.  I respect the choices other people make. However “free will” is just an illusion to me. We are either controlled and manipulated by the limited thinking of the ego-mind, living to get the best and fuck the rest… or guided by the unlimited realm of the higher self, appointed CEO of our own god-given power of manifestation to help the enterprise of humanity. 

That choice is ours to take.

Sometimes I wonder what would be the consequences of me taking certain actions and by wondering this I realise I’ve just created these consequences for me and limited my own self from taking action. That is the power of Saturn or Satan who offers me counter action. The dark side that offers me lessons and wants me to learn from experience. The part that brings suffering for me and asks me “well, what did we learn? Would you like more of the same or would you like to change your ways?”  

Every time we do something on our own we can feed the white wolf or the black wolf. We are free to do as we like, but we will soon see the consequences of every action we take. When we feed the white wolf, we do good deeds, are morally right, …we feed LIGHT to our white beast within. But when we think negative thoughts, fail to learn, act immoral, judge others, fill our selves with hatred, jealousy, pride and shame…we feed the black wolf.

Now what beast are most people feeding when you look at society now? We are feeding it too much and giving it the wrong kind of food. Everything around us triggers our beast and instead of moulding our nature into a lovely happy pussycat, we mould it into snakes, crocodiles, cold blooded creatures. Society is becoming a cold, harsh and dangerous place to live in.

Mankind…acknowledge your beast within! This doesn’t mean you should become evil, but you should embrace your true nature and find a good way to rise above it.

The way you deal with your own beast is also the way you are dealing with animals and nature around you. Are you being kind to them, respecting their true nature? Are you feeding kindness and appreciation to animals or nature or do you feel above them and think less of them, never pay attention to them? Because the kind of energy you give to nature and animals is also the kind of energy you give to your own beast, your body and your true nature within. Give it light and don’t leave it behind in the dark! See what it needs and give it the right kind of food. Don’t neglect it!

Never once think you are alone in this world. The higher self is there to guide you. But it will never take your hand and drag you to the path you are meant to go. You have to ask for assistance. Did you forget about the insurance policy you signed when you entered this world? “Ask and thou shalt receive!”.

A good father loves all of his children and when you ask for something that is helpful to all his children, he will allow it. 

Be open to your higher self and ask for guidance. The force of the creator is within you. See it, hear it! Turn the higher self into your best friend. 

Be silent and listen! 

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