The dark side wants your power to manifest!

42D0E917-0C3D-4356-A9A7-73F062DE7D10At some point I came to such weird conclusions and furthermore I found the proof on the internet to back up those conclusions. I saw a worse fate for humanity. This world was getting darker and darker. 

But still, I had the feeling I was somehow being tricked into believing this.

Every time I went on youtube, out of the blue a video popped up and my belief into this “dark world being created” became overwhelming.

I was like: “ What am I going to do to save humanity now? It seems impossible”

And then it dawned upon me. There is no such thing as a “fixed future”, but apparently there are forces behind the scenes who would like us to believe in their plans…because when we give it our energy, our attention….with our god given power of creation, we simply manifest it.

But the truth of the fact is that we are not bound to any limitations. We can be whoever we want to be and create the world we would like to live in….we just have to stop believing the lies we are presented with and create our own reality.

The IAM presence is everyone’s way out of this. We are no longer manipulated by ego, but are guided by our higher selves. 

The only source of information that will not lead us astray is our higher self.

However when one has this connection, one has to be careful with thought, because everything you think or believe that aligns with your initial programming, wiill manifest itself somehow. That’s why we are bombarded with information and a lot of this information is negative and raises fear.

So, my advise to all of you – even to my own self – TURN AWAY from all the fear that is being created, stop watching TV, stop clicking those videos they “recommend you should see”, because THEY WANT YOU to give your energy to the LIES they have created. The dark side will always try to tempt you from giving your energy to the “dark patterns” they have in mind and when they get enough people to believe in them….this negativity will manifest. 

Be mindful and know that YOU have the power of the creator within you! The dark side is not connected to the source of light and they need the people with this connection to manifest their plans. Don’t believe in them. Say “NO” to them. Don’t let these negative thoughts inluence you! Instead fill this world with light and believe in your god-given power within your self.

May the force be with you!


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