The death of an ego and the immaculate conception

D2EBB2E4-450E-4E5F-A326-A83B5F5D9274Ego-society wants you this way…unhappy…it pays off. Because when you are never happy, you are always looking for something to fill the void inside. So, you buy anything that temporarily makes you feel better. Hence, why this world is full of consumerism and materialism. But that “temporary stuff” doesn’t last that long. Again you are longing for something new. You are full of desires.

Another way to feel better is to look for praise, for worthiness, because inside you feel worthless. You never say it and keep your head held high. But sometimes you feel like crying. In this world of masquerades, you don’t want to take your mask off….how will people react when they see your true naked self?You keep on going.

Dare to take your mask off and people will go against you, ridiculing you, putting you down…anything not to face the fear of seeing their own real self. When you go around being your true self in the world of today, you will feel like a piece of clay in a world of statues. Everybody around you is trying to manipulate your sensitive clay and is trying to mold you into their image. You see them running up to you with labels and every time you have to refuse and say “No, thank you. I don’t want to be labeled…I don’t want to live up to your standards”. Very tiring! Because the force of self is more inward and less active. The best way to go about it is to just disappear and become invisible. People are often so busy fighting themselves and the selves of others that they don’t notice the people who have freed their self from labels. However, if you want to go out unnoticed, you‘d have to stay quiet, dress neutral and keep your distance. The moment you get noticed, the best thing you can hope for is that they think you are a teenager when they are facing what is a “lack of character” to them or “a crazy person”, when they can’t understand what is in front of them. You confuse them.

Facing your own true self and getting aware of your own ego is a hard thing to do. It is going through hell before you finally get to heaven, a pretty lonely place when it comes to the people that really want to be in there. For the average dude it is a boring place 😇😇😇.  

Something remarkable that is happening now is that the universe is pretty tired of people not wanting to face their own selves and it has a trick up its sleeves named “twin flames”.  

Some day you get to meet your own true self in person and you feel unconditional love for that person. It has nothing to do with physical attraction, rather than the attraction of 2 energies who feel an inexplicable desire to be with each other. It’s not like “falling in love”, where two people see an image of each other they WANT to see, but it is “seeing the other person as he/she really is”….the way you truly are inside. Your life is turning into an emotional roller coaster as you both balance out the male and female forces inside.

You go through the sensation of electrical shocks and magnetism as the two of you heal each others old wounds, crying your eyes out, making it safe to be your real self and gradually dissolving the ego. But like a magnet you will also repulse each other as you refuse to accept that what you see is who you really are. 

It’s nature’s cruelest joke to face you with an undetectable analyst as a lover. 

You can only end up living together when the 2 of you have accepted yout true selves completely. After that an energetic child gets born from the self (immaculate conception), replacing the old ego as the active part, and you experience the world as a newborn. No more labels! In that aware state you finally see what this world is really like and how people are manipulated through their labels. Your life will never be the same and you will have found your soul’s purpose.

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