The crazy one

Sometimes people see me as “being crazy”, because I get confused when I get too many “incoming data”. What “normal” is to others is often “too much” for me.

My brain works in a very analytic kind of way, a lot of “connections” are made and “a normal conversation” can be very tiring for me. There’s a lot of incoming data coming my way (not only your words) and to be honest…it can drive me crazy. Hence, why I avoid physical contact with people.

On the other hand, I might seem like a genius when I get to a conclusion out of what others might think is “thin air” and ask themselves “how do you know all that?”          I cannot be in society, because of the way it is now. I’m not the only one. There are others who face the same problems. Imagine me having a conversation with a psychiatrist, telling him all that, telling him I want to enlighten this world, because just like me there are other people who “go in sane” from this society we are living in. I tell him I’m in a secret society and that I can’t give him any names, because we don’t really know each other, that I communicate to these “energies” and that they led me to this society….now how do you think he will react?

I’ve been called “a stubborn psychotic”, because I refuse to believe that what I go through are “illusions”. Yes, I’m not normal. But normal people are not aware of “the world behind the veil…the energies that drive this world.” I never talk about my “inabilities” to anyone, Because of the fact that people just like to put down other people. Society demands “perfection”. I hate this. I’m a REBEL when it comes to perfection.  Yes, I have disabilities (compared to normal people), but I also have “abilities” which normal people aren’t aware of. It has happened to me that I go to supermarket the one with all these brands, colors, choices, loud music and awfully small labels and that I look straight at someone without recognizing them….because I need a few seconds to identify someone, and they go like “hello??”. But then I do tell them “I was on another planet” and that “I hate being in the supermarket with that many people around me”. It also happens that two people feel the same to me and that I mix them up.

I often get the question “why don’t you do anything with your music” and I just say “I hate showbiz”, but I do like to create….not all the time.. I don’t want to be “commercialized”….at some point I’m just a vessel to these energies around me and WE create something..’.seems weird, but that’s how it goes. I completely understand when normal people see this as an illusion. But think about it for a while… maybe the world we see is not THE TRUE REALITY, because EVERYTHING THAT “IS” NOW, was just a creation of invisible energies in the past which at some point BECAME VISIBLE. Just a crazy thought from a crazy person. Don’t believe me, I’m just A CRAZY ONE.😂😂😂

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