Money is a tool

25EA6211-4D90-4500-B97B-9E7F42739241Sometimes I wonder what would happen when all of a sudden I became very rich. I can’t complain. The universe provides me with what I need. I don’t need a Gucci bag, but I need quality food, a house, a garden, pure water. I have an Ipad. But I don’t really need that Iphone. My phone just rings. Isn’t that enough? I’m available to the people I give my number to….just call me.  My husband and I share a car, a Volvo. It has plenty of room to transport animals and it doesn’t use up that much diesel. Surely my husband – which is typical for guys – is sometimes obsessed with nice cars and I would like a room to my self to paint and make music.  But how important is that?

We’ve made the decision not to have any children. In stead we have allowed lots of abandoned animals into our lives, which are a joy to be around. My husband also helps out in saving wild animals…from birds to dears. He does that on a voluntary basis. While he is at home busy putting our savings in buying the right stocks and earning – or losing – us some money, Though he has an instinct for buying the right stocks, there’s always a risk involved. The stock market is very boring to him, so he took up voluntary work. He now receives calls from people who have animals in distress and he also drives around picking up wild animals. It’s something he loves doing and he is busy with it from 9 a.m. in the morning until very late in the evening. It’s like being married to a doctor, but on a voluntary basis.

On january 1 – late in the evening and in terrible weather – he drove 400 km to pick up a small wild pig that had been abandoned, while it was in the hands of a zoologist.  I found that to be quite unnecessary and we had words about that.  Next day the pig was dead, even though he thought he did the right thing  by not trusting the zoologist to take care of it.  He sometimes goes overboard into thinking that he can save animals. Once he put a wounded dear into our car. I said, “are you kidding me? What if it destroyed all the windows and got loose on the highway?” He was angry with the boss of the organisation he worked for…when the boss said “picking up a dear is not for you…it’s for the animal centre”. But sometimes even the animal centres don’t want to do it…so he does it. Luckily he now has a dear box from one of the centres and they have provided him with insurance. He has a team of volunteers helping him transport the animals to an animal centre. Nobody gets paid. In fact it just costs money to all the people helping out. But we all see it as “a hobby” and I’d rather spend it on helping an animal than on buying something I don’t really need. We don’t go on vacation and that also saves money.  I’m very happy about that, because I hate lying around on the beach doing nothing. Now that is really boring to me! We’ve turned our place into a “vacation house” and in the summer it’s like heaven to be able to sit in the sun facing the pond and see the wildlife around us. What more do we need?

My husband says “we are rich!” and he is right in a kind of way. We have everything we need and we do what we like to do. We don’t have millions on our bank account…but do we need that? The world provides us with the money we need to – basically – help the world around us. I remember that at a certain point I was pretty worried about money and mostly about being able to find the money to pay off the mortgage every month. But that problem was solved. The money to pay off the mortgage found its way to us. We paid off the damn mortgage.

Sometimes we meet people who have great ideas to do a lot of good. But those “ great ideas” cost a lot of money and we don’t have all that extra money to help them out. Then I wish we would be very rich. However we would try to hide our wealth for others and would have to find a way to distribute it without luring the wrong kind of people towards us. Because when you are rich,  lots of people want to be your friend for the wrong reasons.

So I asked the energies around me, “why not provide us with all that money…so we would be able to do everything possible?”. Surely the day I asked, the universe sent me “message understood. But not quite yet.” How did they do that, you ask? Well, I entered an ALMOST winning combination for a lotery game. I had to enter 5 numbers between 1 and 50 and 4 of them were correct (I missed 1) and from the two additional stars between 1 and 12, I had 1 correct star. Winning them all, 5 numbers and 2 stars would have won me millions. In stead it won me a couple of hundred, a significant difference. But thank you anyway.  It doesn’t amaze me. It happened to me before.

Being rich changes people. I surely would hope it wouldn’t change me, my husband or the people around me. But that is not easy. We would have to find a way to put the money into good use without drawing the attention of all the money-wolves in society. Surely when we would have all the money we would be able to afford a bigger house and a faster car  ( right), but I don’t want it drawing the attention of other people…so how can we do that? And would that make us happier? Probably not the bigger house or the bigger car…. but the fact that it would make us able to put some money into good use.

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