What is greatness to you?


We don’t use pesticides in our garden and it is full of weeds. We allow them to grow. We see beauty in them that nobody else seems to realise. Some of them carry seeds that nourish the birds. Some even cure diseases.

The bees like to be in our garden and they feel welcome to pollinate…and the trees need the bees to carry fruits. We eat the fruits, free of pesticides. They don’t always look great, but unlike the fruits from the supermarket they are full of vitamins and they protect the body against cancer.
Unfortunately sometimes we need to pull out some weeds because they don’t allow others to grow. We need to find a balance in between and nothing is more important than the survival of the all.

Most human beings see our wild garden and they don’t know how to react at first. But when they enter our garden they are amazed, because it is full of rare insects, rare flowers, wild animals and birds that find shelter. It’s full of beauty they have never seen before. There is an abundance of expensive berries. Nature gives them to us. We eat from them and everybody that enters our garden does so. It doesn’t catch the eye, but it will win your heart once you see the REAL BEAUTY of it!
We protect our garden from those who really don’t know that life is about “allowing others to grow” and that life doesn’t always give you what you desire…but it will give you what you need when you help nature and not go against it.
I still remember when I said to my husband “I’d really like some salamanders here. How come I don’t see any?”. One year later my husband saw them and there are many now. I don’t chase greatness. Because what is greatness? Do you find that you have achieved greatness when your garden is fully conditioned and you get to flaunt with it on the cover of a magazine? Is that greatness to you…so everybody gets to see the image of false perfection? The image THEY want to see. Or do you feel that you have achieved greatness when the rarest creatures want to be in your garden…because it is the garden of Eden to them? What is greatness to YOU?

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