The battle of the sexes

Now I bet a lot of people will read this. I have a trigger- word there, SEX.  Society is full of it. I still remember me thinking “WTF is wrong with this society I am living in…it is all about sex.?” I really hate Freud for it. I’m rolling my eyes every time someone mentions “Freud and sex”.  We are not all sexual beings.

Society today is like “sex is healthy, normal…and if you don’t have sexual feelings you are NOT NORMAL. You need to suck dick and eat pussy!” Excuse me? Can I be abnormal for a second here? Look at nature…do animals mate all the time? Do they suck dicks and eat pussy? Or are we saying that the humane species practices more, higher and better sex? I am disgusted to see that sex has become all technical and that few people understand the sacredness of the bonding of two people anymore. Now, we just f*ck each others brains out!

So what happens to those women with a low sexual appetite? They feel like they are pushed into having sex for the sake of normalcy. They crave for human touch. Instead they get turned off by a man who doesn’t really know how to show his love to a woman and thinks that she will get turned on by acting all tough and saying “ show me your tits”. Really?? How about some romance? 

Young people have seen too many movies, and they’ve started ACTING out what seems to be the truth for them. Some of them get disgusted. Am I supposed to do this? Is this part of the package we call “love”.  And then they think “but if I don’t do this I might never get someone to love me”.

Sex is what keeps the human race down….it lowers the frequency. It keeps you from going higher in the light and keeps you locked up in the RED ZONE, the lowest frequency. It’s also the zone of materialism…so I guess that explains why the society we live in is all about money and sex. 

When you get into a higher frequency…that is if society allows you to and you don’t get filled up with desires…you will have less sexual feelings. In my case, I don’t feel male or female anymore and I can just admire a beautiful body without feeling the need to have sex. So, I guess you could say I am asexual. I can have sex…but I don’t really have the desire.  Like “being able to eat”, but not feeling “ hungry”.  I eat…but I really have to be careful in what I eat…because my body will give me hell when I eat unhealthy food. Of course with all the junk food around, commercialized, people get very hungry…and it is understandable.

When you want to get into a higher frequency…you have to learn to master your sexual appetite and your desires. In a higher frequency you will still be creating, but the child will not be a human child…rather a painting, a song.

It’s actually the NEED TO CREATE that drives people. Up yours, Freud! The need to create is what drives the male energy in this world to find a female energy who has the womb, the dark room, to plant the seed in it and make it grow.  See it like you are the photographer in your life and the image you make — the negative — you develop into your dark room…and it becomes a picture, a positive. Both male and female energy are inside a person. It really doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. You can be a woman with a lot of male energy….feel very male and be very creative or be drawn towards the female gender. The male part in me likes to paint pictures of female beings. He thinks they are very attractive and beautiful. Though — in body — I am physically a woman and… spare me the thought of ever having to live with a woman…that is “the typical trophy female”…. the ones that hurt their own feet to fit into a pair of shoes with high heels and are manipulating men, playing the weak victim, acting like dumb shallow beings, laughing, flattering men’s ego….while they are actually putting their claws around them and are controlling them.  Well, I guess like attracts like. Sure, go on, have a wonderful life of makebelief. However I don’t respect that kind of UNTRUE behavior. There’s nothing wrong with being beautiful and wanting to look beautiful. But when it gets an obsession and when you turn it into a control mechanism…..sorry, not my cup of tea. I would get annoyed and be out of there real fast 😂😂😂— I like men. But those guys who are in front of a mirror longer than the average woman….not really my type either. I would rather exchange ideas than talk about fashion. Okay, everyone enjoys beauty. But I don’t judge a book by its cover. Neither do I think it is appropriate for anyone to tell me what to wear or what to look like. So get your fingers out of my hair when I’m having a bad hair day. You might get the image of me being a gentle soul, but you might want to reconsider when you catch me in a bad mood. I’m not into all the girly-stuff, the chit-chat, the act of “I’m so weak on my high heels…catch me YOU BIG MAN before I fall” Get real, guys! I have hair on my legs too… I just shave it when I’m wearing revealing clothes because it just looks better.

I can hear some of you thinking now “she’s a feminist”. Are you kidding me? More women on top? Don’t we already have enough to do? Feminism brought women more duties….not more rights….now women HAVE to go to work and the true woman is now faced with a competitive world where she has to ACT AS A MAN if she wants to be taken seriously in this ego-society.  Almost every man is coming home to a wife who is “hardened”, tired and couples get frustrated because of it. The man needs an ear that listens to his problems, a heart to talk to, a gentle soul to balance the hard world he is in.  But the woman now has her own troubles. Besides work she has other stuff to do (which seems to be unappreciated by the man) and she expects the same “listening ear” from the man.  It’s not good for children either. They are put in front of a tv-screen where they grow up to a world of makebelief.  So, no….not a feminist.

Sure I’d like to see more women in power. But only to be themselves, feminin, and balance out this cold harsh material ego-society we are in now. Men and women shouldn’t be competing! The feminin and the masculin is complemental. This world is totally out of balance!

Just like there is this struggle in society between light/darkness, male/female, ego/true self…..there is also this struggle going on within our selves between the left and the right side of our brain. The left side wants to dominate and control with logic and reason. The right  side is more caring, connected, creative. We need a balance between the two. In an ideal world the left side would be guided by the right side. The left has the intent and the right has xs to the know-how. Or basically when the woman feels unappreciated and says “no”, she will not allow her whomb to carry your masculin seed of intent. You can have all the ego you want and be full of intentions…but if you don’t respect your true female divine self….it will be a NO NO.

There is really too much labeling going on about how a woman or man should be. Girls should play with dolls, 😂😂😂 I never did. I tattood them with markers and cut their hair. I had a bear with music coming out of it…so I cut it open to remove the musical box. After that I opened the musical box to see exactly how it worked. Yea, that’s me.

People are pushed to fit in a certain label. But some of us don’t want any of this. This whole male/female labeling is not my thing. Does it come as a surprise when a young girl says she feels more like a male and that nowadays we give hormones and have actual sex changes for young people? What is going on? Am I the only one who thinks that one should accept his real natural self no matter what? If you want to be a man wearing woman’s clothes. Sure. I can understand that.  As a woman I wear pants all the time 😗 But really…changing your gender….man/woman think about it really hard before you ever take that step. It’s quite an operation!

I guess I am crazy…but what about this society I am living in where we are forced to be labeled man or woman? 


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