Sometimes we screw up to fix the problem

2D3B94D2-85D0-41D9-BD53-5ECB3D99A078To be honest…I find most books boring. Merely because the author is concentrating more upon “the writing” than on “what am I really adding in value to the reader”. The writer knows he has to come up with numerous pages of writings and has to make a name for himself, live up to the standards of what is expected of any notorious writer. I’m usually half asleep after reading about 20 pages of most books and in a state of trance…where I no longer pick up on any of it consciously. But that is how my mind works. When I’m in that state I receive more information from all the energies hanging around me, than I do from the book I’m reading. That’s what I call “reading between the lines”.
Most people would freak out if I told them that there is an invisible world around us and that god is deus…the us….and that everyone is in fact part of the creator.

Being an Illuminati to me is being aware of the invisible behind the visible. Because when one is only looking at the visible, one is only taking into account THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE MATTER , not the origin or source that led to the creation of the material consequences. One sees the matter, but denies the energy it consists of.
Everything is energy and is able to shape reality from the zero-point of the invisible to something that becomes visible. Now here is the stumble block; no ego ever wants to be a zero 😉 and by the time you ever get to that zero-point “all that you think you are”  IS GONE…the realisation of who you are changes and you experience “unconditional love”. You become this “serenity” and it is bigger…way bigger than you.  You realise you are nothing and in that awareness… pffffff…the big balloon that you thought you were is gone. It changes your point of view. You are no longer the air inside the balloon, but floating in the sky! This nothingness is your potential to turn it into something and have really weird but very enlightening experiences. It is important not to fear at such a time. I always put my faith in the angelic beings of the higher self (yes, you’ve read it correctly 😇😇😇) They guide me through the experiences. The insights and information you get in such a state is PURE GENIUS. If only this higher state could last and people could please not do anything to alter my state of being back into my “inflated self” again by getting me off balance….if only more people could experience this “state of being” of IAM…we would be creating a peaceful place, it would change the “collective”  among people.

The downside I have now is that my balloon gets smaller every time and I can’t take much pressure anymore before I pop again. I make jokes and take it light, but it can be real heavy to be around people.

The only way to become everything is to be nothing. When one becomes a tool for the creator,  The “I” no longer exists and the “I” becomes “the us”…deus. When the ego is around it will always assume it can trick mother nature somehow, applying its own will to get some advantage over others.  The lower the frequency, the more time it will take to get your own will in there somehow. Because of the simple fact that your own will couldn’t be further from the actual truth of mother nature. During that time there will be lots of wills wanting to participate and the mix of them becomes reality. Whatever you will to send out, will come back to you. If it has negative consequences for other beings…it will return those negative consequences back on your own plate. Anyone harming the divine self – which is a part of everything – will go against the powers of nature ….and mother nature will turn her self against it. “Bad karma” is the general term to describe this.
Knowing this, some safeguarding of knowledge is required …not to keep people dumb, but to keep unaware egos from doing foolish things. However we also have to bring the awareness that there is more in this world that every one of us has to discover for himself.
In my opinion there has already been done a lot of damage going against mother nature which puts us on this very spot now in this moment in time where we seriously should consider about all the unnatural things we are doing to this world as a species. How much more time do we have before mother nature gets itchy and starts seeing us as lice upon her head? Personally, that has strengthened my decision not to have any children. There is a reason why so many of us get infertile. Nature wants to harmonize. But we just do not seem to want to accept that fact. We see how cute something as small as a mouse can be…but if it weren’t for cats, owls or other predators…we would be infested with them. . Nature harmonizes things and that can sometimes be cruel. Because the death of the one is food for the many. We as humans have our role to play in this. We have to take care of the survival of the species on this planet….keep the balance ..protecting those ignorant victims from getting harmed by those other ignorant preditors. We keep the fox out of the hen’s house, because the fool would kill every last of them and then leave them lying around…unaware of the damage he did. But the fox himself is not a bad creature. He has an instinct that needs a playground…a playground we have destroyed by putting up all of our buildings.

If I were an alien arriving on this Earth I would be wondering whether this “movie” I was in, would be considered a comedy or a tragedy. So many powerful groups of people going against each-other, merely using people as toy-soldiers, as working-ants, as circus-act for the entertainment, others who can’t take it anymore, have become pets….or wild animals. Some become cats that exterminate the vermin. Nobody really knows what they are doing anymore. We don’t want to put our selves into the shoes of other people anymore. Most of us can’t; we’ve lost our real selves and have become this limited robotic version of our selves. The person who ever invented “check the box…I’m not a robot” was probably a comedian. This world has exploded and is infected with humanoids, spreading like rats…unaware of the damage they do. Society drives them to basic needs, basic entertainment…their children do the same. No school teaches them about self-awareness, about the responsibility they have towards everything they do, everything they send out and everyone that follows their example. Few schools create leaders, only followers.
Now imagine your back garden were full of rats, because someone in your neighbourhood was making a mess of things, creating JUST the ideal “wasted” environment where rats are fond of…and you were worried about diseases, about them spreading more. So you took a wrong decision and you put poison out and someone else’s cat ate from it and died. This led to the situation “who killed my cat?” and a very angry neighbour started waving his gun around…which made the whole neighbourhood in a state of alert.
If this back garden of yours was actually a country and your neighbour had nuclear power and was acting crazy… how alarmed would you be? Now this is Earth today. Society has gone in sane. We are a threat to our selves and to every living organism on this planet. Yet, only the ones who can’t stand this society anymore and are driven into insanity themselves are fully aware of the problem. They know.
But there is hope…”sometimes we screw up to fix something. So let’s screw up all the loose screws in this society and fix the problem!” 

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