WE are the creator!

0B8AD53F-77B3-4E68-87B4-69C71B6435EDThis is probably THE most important piece I will ever write. Though it is not written from the point of view of the I (eye), but from the point of view of the WE.

What is God? What is the creator? Is it “I AM” or in Latin “ego sum”. It is….when I=WE. Because we are THE US….we all are DEUS…the Latin word for God. Not in body….but in spirit.

You see this ONENESS is interpreted all wrong. We were given bodies to experience “division”, though in spirit we are actually ONE. We were given the power to be physical and see our selves in another person and yet be ONE IN SPIRIT. That is our God-given power. However this doesn’t mean we have to overpower other bodies, control each other with sex or demand other countries to lose its borders and be ONE with us….because that, my friend, is a demonizng power.

The desire to possess another is nothing but the devil’s work!. We have to respect each others boundaries, respect each others opinion, we don’t have to enslave our selves to someone who demands to possess our body and tells us “that is what God wants us to do”, because that is a lie that the devil would preach. That is not the ONENESS we are supposed to experience. The respectless violation of another body is not the work of an enlighted spirit, but of someone with DARK intentions.

We were given the choice to be the light and enlighten ourselves by overcoming the desires of the physical plane OR to wrap ourselves in darkness, be ignorant of the fact that we are ONE IN SPIRIT…and that WHEN WE HURT ANOTHER, we are HURTING OUR SELVES. The choice between switching on the light and see who we really are,sharing, respect, freedom or to remain occult, in darkness, to hide our real selves…unknowing of the light and unwilling to see our selves in each other, become dark, live in spiritual division, be disrespectful, possessive, controling, jealous, working against each other in stead of cooperating with each other.

Religion was put upon us, so we would praise a god outside us and forget about the god within each and every one of us. Each religion was given morals and going against them would be going against this deity we praise. So we would fight each other.

Look around you, people! What kind of deity do we really Praise? Do we not praise the devil’s work? Tricking our minds into thinking we are so different from one another, making us fight each other over principles….while in fact this devil is demonizing every one of us? We are fighting our selves, hurting our selves, disrespecting our selves, controling our selves, spending all our time in the pursuit of money…which is just a piece of paper WITH NO REAL VALUE…the mark of the devil we distribute with our hands and which controls us in our minds. It is not real…it is a total fake system which can be taken down every day by the evil powers that are behind it! Leaving us in total chaos. Will you still have value without money? Think about it. Debt is the devil’s power put upon each and every one of us. We no longer think clear. What will be left of us when the system collapses?

You are the creator of your own life! Find the real value inside of you…because the values outside your self are in a terrible state!

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