Leader…do you know where you are leading to?

5482C449-4713-40EA-BACD-30B3DB019109It’s a pitty that my questions never get answered by Illuminatiam. Criticism is however the restraint that holds a leader from becoming a dictator, isn’t it?

Are you part of this? Do you support these people? It seems like a simple question to me. But the answer is never given. A simple yes or no is good enough.

I am not  a slime that will suck up to you, but your critic that reads the fine print in the CONtract before I ever sign something. I really don’t care about becoming a leader…I am but a servant of the people…a servant of humanity. So my only concern is to see to it that the people will not be led into devastation.  I am not ignorant to the fact that I am a dolphin in a world of sharks and that pirats need a captain too. The captain of a ship is someone who leads people to a safe destination and who is surrounded by a crew of people who know what they are doing. People who are leaders themselves and who will follow the captain, but not blindly…because they are well aware of the coordinates, the destination, the capacities of the ship…the captain can not do without them.  The captain is always the last man leaving the ship.

Never in my life would I get on any boat without seeing the plans, knowing the destination. That seems evident to me.  Without knowing this, shrouded in ignorance, I could be on a ship full of pirates who could lead the ship to an unknown destination where they sell the people as slaves. So do not tell me “you will see it when you get there. We don’t give that kind of information”,  in that case I would think it to be wise for anyone not to get on and simply steer your own speedboat.

Not really a far fetched scenario, seeing the people are already being manipulated into slave-mentality…

I will tell you my worry…

I see all kind of plans being made. As I have a brain that often sees connections …conspiracy active brain…👀….the  way I see it, someone is forcing in a plan of meritocracy./ communism. As I dig deeper – and I always do – I see 2 plans interweaving., coming to a conclusion: the aristocracy wants to put out a lot of puppets in place and create communism for the majority of the people and an upper class of meritocracy. But who descides who is worth to be in the top layer? Plan B involves 100 pro cent inheritance tax …to do away with the ruling of the rich – right 🙄 like they won’t find a back door to that ….and it will also leave the common people with nothing…HELL…YEs…LIKE I WANT TO FIGHT FOR THAT 😂 Do you want to go along with that? Anyone else got any more bright ideas to screw up this world more than ever…do share them👍

2 parties wanting to create a new world. We would all like that. But voting for either of them only seems to make it worse. You have a choice between chicken curry or chicken tandori . Either way you will get chicken

Creating a one world

plan A Plan A  leave it up to the noble men. They will reward you when they
feel you are the best to their liking. They want to create a world of peace, with the individual  (my interpretation.. “just the best and fuck the rest”), without borders and they even invite Kim Yung Un to join them. (You gotta be kidding me….is this guy for real?)

plan B Plan B  when plan A is not to your liking, you might want to consider going against the noble men, start total chaos by fighting them. The result…they call in martial law and take advantage of the chaos to enter every country unnoticed, put in their men and kill a lot of people. Did you ever wonder why so many powerful people have provided themselves with a “room” in one of the underground bunkers deep in the Earth? See some of the underground rooms

while the zombienation is asleep 5G is being put up, the ultimate wi-fi, dangerous as hell, sick to the bones, so we can all lower our immune system and get cancer while connecting our phones to every appliance that is SMART. 🙄 Sure, smarter than the average dude from the population. Really smart, yes…we can just tie it to Google or another very smart Artificial Intelligence app. No need to worry about it….until one of those apps GETS WILD and turns up the volume to send out lethal microwaves…bang…big bang…not only your smart phones blows up, but also your smart-meter, your smart-refirigetator, your smart-TV and when you are in the neighbourhood…also you…and this might happen in every major city…oeps, just some malfunction in A.I. …look now all those people gone …”we are deeply sorry…but it was artificial intelligence and we had no controle over it anymore.”  So I guess these Georgia guidestones were put there for after this “tragedy”. Who could have known that this would happen?


Do you understand now why those very smart weird rich people have a room in an underground bunker?  Are you seeing what I AM seeing? Do you think that what I say to you is crazy or that those rich people are just acting weird and that they don’t really know what might be going on?

so which is it going to be?  Or maybe it won’t matter, because the end result will be the same. A) You simply agree peacefully   B) you fight them, creating chaos…a D-coy

What is plan C? …creating chaos by disaster or an alien cause? 😇

So either way, people end up getting screwed. Do your own research, check the links.   Am I seeing things? Drawing the wrong conclusions? Misinterpreting? Then, do explain where my f*cked up brain made the errors.

You have free will to chose. Actually free will is an illusion. But should you chose? Just like you have Democrats or Repulicans…but both of them are funded by the same people behind the scenes…
Now do not think that all the people within these organisations are bad people. They are not. Just ignorant good and idealistic people who want to stop whatever is going on in society right now. People like you and me. They trust that things will change for the better.and do not question the top who keeps all the devious stashed away.
So with all this happening….who is to trust? Do you REALLY know?
Who do you think is behind all the wars, all the chaos, all the hate that is being created between the Christians and the Muslims? ..zionism?….Is the fear put upon us part of the sceme to come to a one world order, with one upper class ruling and slaves under them who don’t get to own anything? Does this seem like the sollution to you?

So my question again. Does Illuminatiam support these plans? See for yourself if they ever will answer this question fully? Illuminatiam about the globalist agenda


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