Learn to use your god-given power to co-create



What we see happening NOW in the world today is a result of our unmindful thinking caused by negative thoughts and reinforced by negative emotions. That is why we are kept on fear and why we are fed lies as a collective.  We – as a collective – are very powerful.  We are able to bend reality, just by saying “stop, we want peace. This has to change”, by creating positive thoughts reinforced by positive emotions.

There is a delay in this thought process…a lot we think of gets undone by other thoughts. What we see is a mix of thoughts and emotions.

Practice feeling “unconditional love”, love no matter what, become an unbreakable big tree that will stand tall through wind, rain and storms. Don’t look at others. You yourself have the potential to become that big tree. Become fearless. After all, you are just energy within a body. When your body dies….your energy will recycle. Everything is energy and energy is the base of everything. When we all combine our energy with happy thoughts, put in motion by the the positive e-motion LOVE….we create a wave of positive energy…which will manifest in the outside world. That is our god-given power‼️ But there are some seriously negative powers at work who would like nothing more than to confuse us and ENSLAVE US – more than today – because they know we are WAKING UP and they would like to prevent us from discovering the true powers we have and mislead us. Who they are? They are everywhere. Who to trust? No-one. Discern by actions….not by words! See behind it‼️ If something is causing you to feel fear…break with it…do not get involved…focus on positive thoughts on becoming that big tree that stands fearless in every storm. The in-side becomes the out-side. Be strong‼️

Use positive words…”we can…we will..”, positive feelings “love and above” and do positive actions. Whatever small it is you can do….DO it. Combine every small action and you get a big result. Take up your god-given power to co-create now and go against the forces that are keeping humanity down…

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