Wake up…you are still sheep…you just changed your master!


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Sharing my frustration to make the blind see..’all of you lost souls…it won’t make me popular. But what do I care about being popular?

Keep in mind that everything you read and everyone that is sent to you…is a test. Life is a game to test you…be your self and you will succeed‼️ Think for your self.

New leaders have arisen..  yes YOU…YOU are the leader of your own world‼️

This is the very last time I am going to try and symplify this for you. After that you are on your own. Use the brain that you were given and start thinking for your selves!

When someone tells you  “you are sheep” and tells you to be a leader… yet again you leave your old leader and follow the new one (who told you that you were sheep) trapped in a pyramid where they might never give you a drop of their acid rain …and you wait….become a really good obeying sheep – not questionning anything …just retweeting whatever this new leader says…becoming the very slime of the snake that opened your eyes-….not DIGGING for the water YOUR SELF (it’s in the ground…true natural water) …..THEN WHAT HAS CHANGED? You are still a sheep.

Thank the snake (=DNA) for waking you up and start seeing what this world is about. Become the leader of your own life…discover your true self…find your true power…become your own Illuminati – an enlightened soul – no need to be king of a f*cking pyramid – YOU ARE THE KING OF YOUR OWN LIFE

The most important thing about a system, a structure, a building….like a pyramid ….is a solid foundation. Guess who is that foundation? The people are. Don’t let anyone at the top tell you that you are no good without them…because you are their very foundation. They enrich themselves of your fear, your manipulation, your ignorance, your consumerism, your hard work, your slave-mentality….your illusion‼️

But you hope to be part of that top, don’t you? By the time that happens you won’t have an ounce of dignity…you won’thave a soul left. They will have taken everything from you. You will finally discover the mystery then… that there is nothing left of you. You won’t be able to feel anything anymore. Because you will have betrayed your own self a thousand times. I wonder if you would ever get rich on the outside, but one thing is for sure…you will get poor on the inside. You will be stuck in 3D and have no own value anymore, no own soul anymore. Is that what you want? Do you want to take that gamble?

And why would you support the top without knowing what the hell you are supporting?  Does that seem “enlightening” and fair to you? Talk is cheap. You have to KNOW what you are getting involved in. Otherwise you are being loyal to someone who is leaving you blind and in the dark while saying “follow the light”…. what light?  ..uhhhh….care to explain?

This whole “follow the light” has nothing to do with a fysical pyramid. It is about achieving a mental light, about seeing your inner light, about discovering the different frequencies of the pyramid of light…and finally transcending your own self and finding true happiness, true value. And when you do achieve this, you will notice that you are a powerful being…energy within a vessel…and that you have the capability to work with that energy and create you own world from the inside to the outside….but there is no way for me to explain this. You will have to see for your self.

It’s your choice..be stuck in the maya or illusion of the material world…or become free and see behind the veil. Remember the red and the blue pill in the matrix? But who says you need to take any pill? You have the power within you ‼️

I hope I woke you up. If you still can’t see…I rest my case… you are a lost soul…and maybe you deserve to be deceived.  I no longer feel responsible for the airheads in this society. I’m moving on. Read the key

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2 thoughts on “Wake up…you are still sheep…you just changed your master!

  1. No lets get one thing out in the open ” WE CAN’T SHARE THE PLANET AND BE OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL ISLAND ” There are to many people here , chaos can only be used but it is not a sustainable way of living for humanity .
    Now religions can help us to see our own spirituality but someone must also keep one foot on one reality we are human living with other humans on our planet & we have to Unite in understanding ?


    1. I see all kind of plans being made. Someone is forcing in a plan of meritocracy. The aristocracy wants to put out a lot of puppets in place and create communism for the majority of the people and an upper class of meritocracy. But who descides who is worth to be in the top layer? The plan is to leave people with nothing…nobody will be able to own a house. 100 pro cent inheritance tax for the people, while the rich use their back door to collect all the money. Do you want to go along with that?

      2 parties wanting to create a new world. We would all like that. But voting for either of them only seems to make it worse. You have a choice between chicken curry or chicken tandori . Either way you will get chicken.
      Party 1 Plan Ahttps://youtu.be/y1YeluXg9Mc and party 2 Plan B

      Creating a one world

      Plan nr 1…leave it up to the noble men. They will reward you when they
      feel you are the best to their liking. They want to create a world of peace, without borders and they even invite Kim Yung Un to join them. (You gotta be kidding me?) https://youtu.be/y1YeluXg9Mc

      Plan nr 2…when plan 1 is not to your liking, you might want to consider going against the noble men, start total chaos by fighting them. The result…they call in martial law and take advantage of the chaos to enter every country unnoticed, put in their men and kill a lot of people.

      So either way, people end up getting screwed….

      O and yes, there is also plan C…but that involves an outside attack

      You have free will to chose. Actually free will is an illusion. But should you chose? Just like you have Democrats or Repulicans…but both of them are funded by the same people behind the scenes…
      Now do not think that all the people within these organisations are bad people. They are not. Just ignorant good and idealistic people who want to stop whatever is going on in society right now. They trust that things will change for the better.and do not question the top who keeps all the devious stashed away.
      So with all this happening….who is to trust? Do you REALLY know?
      Who do you think is behind all the wars, all the chaos, all the hate that is being created between the Christians and the Muslims? ..zionism…it is just part of the sceme to come to a one world order, with one upper class ruling and one religion

      The only way to bring this corrupt system down is to take away the very foundation it is based upon: a base layer of ignorant people who don’t really know what the top is upto and who would never agree upon any of this! In other words..make them see the light


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