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True creation

Here we go…more material…more food for thought…consider it to be “fruits de mer” …sea food … food for thought with a difficulty degree: YOU HAVE TO DO A LOT OF WORK to get it out LOL. It looks scary, even alien…but boy, once you get a taste of it….SEE food. Enjoy deciphering it, bit by bit…

As an artist, an artificial creator, I am being the one when I create. But what is true creation? How were all the beings here on Earth created from the ORIGINAL ONE and how are we deceived to loose track of our originality?

What is original (from source/ origin) creation and what is the maya/the illusion we create for our selves?

Original creation is when we become a vessel for the ORIGIN ALL or SOURCE. Original creation happens when we see truth, accept it, find the source we are and open up to our selves as a divine being. It means that we truly see our selves as we are and recognise our selves in ALL other beings, knowing that here on Earth – in this dimension – we are all broken pieces from that ONE that mirrored its self into the water and took a snapshot of his self AT THAT GIVEN MOMENT. 

We are all just living IMAGES of the ONE light that saw its self through the skies (disguise) – the constellations – and created a living image of its self at that PARTICULAR moment, with the PARTS that were present at that moment. We are all pictures (picture its) developing our selves into images. 

The skies (constellations) – at the time we were created – ACT as the negative and the ONE SOURCE of light projects its self into the negative upon a carrier, a virgin sheet so sensitive it receives the projected enlightened image. This is the woman (womb-man) which gradually develops the image into a being that becomes visible within THIS dimension.

Anyone who studied photography knows X-act-ly what I’m talking about. The rulers within this dimension decided to give me a degree into this knowledge more than a decade ago. I guess it was not a coincidence that I wanted to study this deeper and  to turn my self 360 degrees to see THE SELF from every possible angle 🤣🤣🤣

True creation is creation from source, the ONE REAL IAM ( the right being) and not from the fake I WANT TO BE. 

What we are doing in this visible dimension we live in is disconnect from source and forget about our origin. We just take our self and create it into an adjusted version of the image. We put up a show here on Earth and show the version of our self that we want to “show off”. We let our ego do the creation and digitalise our picture – we manipulate it with our digits – while putting up a fake creation that becomes the reason to compare, judge and compete with our selves. 

We forget about our originality and trade it in for individuality.

Instead of EQUALISING each other – like the original colours of the rainbow do when they break up as the light shines through the water – we start to see each other separately away from the original light, start comparing our individual frequency and find a way to judge, compare and compete the “broken part” we are with all the other broken parts. But no matter what we do, together we still are all the split- up and broken frequencies within the ONE light we were before we split our selves up into the many. We are ACTually all fighting our SELF.

I use the word “SELF” a lot for the reason of TUNING INTO the frequency of the INNER NET’s TRUE SELF within every being, hoping that the reader might GET IT, SEE IT, FIND THAT KNOWLEDGE WITHIN THE INNER NET OF BE-INGS while using the INTERNET OF THINGS. I hope you understand the difference: the first one is the true natural ONE we all are. The second one is the mirror of the original and is a distorted version and a surrogate for the original one.

Compare it with the religious Christ and the antichrist from the BIB-EL, the book that bound together the words of El ( The divine one), copied them from ancient writings several thousands of years ago and manipulated everything you were allowed to know in a soup of figurative speech and personification, knowing most people would not see the deeper meaning of the enlightening words that once were delivered by those that could see behind the visible.
Christ consciousness is the INNER NET within the speed of light. It is the SPIRIT of enlightenment that binds all BE-ings. However the internet is the SURROGATE of that connection that we all once had, but lost along the way. It is NOT the original light, not the original information…but a distorted version of the light which is used to empower man’s own beast. Maybe you understand now why I say in one of my songs, probably my most CREEPY one LOL, be ware of the spider on the web…” https://youtu.be/k_n9aXbbk28

I talk in parables at times and what I say has deeper meanings. AT LANT(D) IS where MER-MADES were. https://youtu.be/8JT9hivsBhk

TRUTH IS IN THE EYE OF THE B-HOLDER. Mind the QUEEN and let the workers do the job. Together they create the honey. O, so sweet…

I probably do not make sense to the people that don’t fully sense the true meaning of these words. Life is a journey…and I’ve been on many rollercoasters, have seen a lot. I dived into the deep and survived, was reborn into another being. Most of the time I feel like an alien into this world, unable to limit the full potential I am aware of to my own limited human brain. I sense so much out of my body that at times other people’s memories get conscious into my own head and I just speak of things to them I shouldn’t be knowing at all in a state of being that is way out there, a trance-like state.  

Psychiatry glued the term “above average intelligence psychotic” to me and it covers the being that I am to most of the people on this planet. I provide them with a label judging a being that is doomed to cover up and alienate its sensitive self for reasons of sanity.  It’s a scary world for me at times when I go through stuff I can’t comprehend with my limited human brain functions and GO OUT OF MY MIND looking for an explanation. It’s even scarier for other people to witness me doing this. So, I just keep a lot to my self, turn it into a comedy at times and have a laugh with my self🤣🤣🤣. 

I annoy my self talking about what others see as my dis-ease in this world, but I’m fully aware of that part. However the gift of the abilities I see in my self is what others would rather not see. They see me as NOTHING. I don’t matter to them. Correct. I am NO-THING, but they don’t really see the importance of being nothing. This world is about being SOME-ONE. People are looking to be someone, but they forget that the ONE they are looking for is NOTHING. 

Nothing is the origin of everything. 


I see people working to become gold, but they forget about the essential water that keeps them alive. If I were to tell them “my water is gold and I’m made up of water and golden light”, most would not (want to) understand, some would call me crazy. I would tell them they were right and let them go on about their business, comparing their self to others, because the ONE THING they would like to achieve is SUPERIORITY.

We’ve created a world where the red and blue seem to fight each other, yet they are a fraction of the same ONE light. The blue keeps the red from going down and the red keeps the blue from going up. They rule the system of the rainbow, the illusion that divides us all.  

Our difficult task as HUMANE BEINGS is to see through the maya of illusion we call reality and SEE WHAT IS BEHIND this visible dimension we live in. 

If we were all ants and one crazy ant told you about the human world, most ants would ignore it, laugh it away, deem it unimportant or whatever reaction that might suit them to take away the fear of breaking the illusion that ANTS RULE THE WORLD and whatever they have going on down there. Most ants don’t look into the sky, don’t know about planets, stars etc. They just go about their business, never MINDING about nothing and everything. 

An ant would need to LEVEL UP spiritually to become aware, just as humans need to level up spiritually to B-come HUMANE.

So B-holder, let nature B your guide. Let the spirit of enlightenment show you the way!

Just like Shakespeare said quite some time ago “to Be or not to Be, that is the question”, a sentence he delivered to the world in his STATE OF BEING, words that still remain known to us today…so do I, Eleven, a mystery to most of you, a crazy person creating songs, paintings, and also THE LINES YOU ARE READING NOW…in a state of being while beholding the spirit of enlightenment …give to you my words to linger in your mind:

“I love the self in me and I love the self in you. As I write to you, I also write to my self as I am a vessel for THE one self”



The way to enlightenment…

When you have put your self in a cage, you can only see from where you are. How would you ever be able to see the total picture? Would you ever dare to leave the confinement of your limited brain thinking?
When you feed your ego with the crap they are trying to sell you, holding on to the image you want to see and you want others to support that image…feeding your brain with comfort food, telling you how good, how magnificent you are…but deep inside you know it’s not true and that you are putting on a show…letting others pull your strings…being this puppet that is easy to manipulate…hanging on to those LABELS you want to be…filling your life with labels…eating labeled food that is much to your liking…never looking for any real food to digest, just sticking to those familiar labels…and you poison your brain with what others feed you, waiting for others to tell you what to do, how to live, how to be, what to believe in…afraid to think for yourself ▶️ Then how are you any different than a robot, waiting to be programmed?

If there is any real self inside you…allow it to be freed. Save humanity!

A thousand points of light

I help people FREE their SELF. It’s a hell of a task. The label that people have glued upon me is “the crazy one”.

Actually they are right: oneness is kind of crazy from the ego’s point of view. I don’t mind being the crazy one: it offers me a way to talk about “crazy things”.

The language I talk is very symbolic and needs a deeper understanding.

Most people don’t take the effort to understand. They’d rather ignore and go about their busy lives, complaining about everything.

In their eyes people like me don’t really DO anything.

That is because society has deemed me “worthless” to be in society.  I am NOT supporting any ego structure.

What I do for the self is OF NO IMPORTANCE: it is NOT SEEN. In this world of masquerades where FALSE SELF (ego) has been put upon a statue and TRUE SELF has no place anymore, they find them FALSE selves to be “better” and “above” TRUE SELF.

My humble apologies to those who despise or fear me: I will have to disappoint you in continuing my quest to FREE the self of this world. That is what “illuminata” truly means: to enlighten this world. I am but just ONE point holding the light. But there will come a day when there will be a thousand points of light, away from the NET.

Some say that “escaping the net” is cheating on the system and unfair to others.

Is it? Can you change the system within your cage? You can chose to be the martyr and shout from within your cage, while others silently FREE THEIR SELF using your DISTRACTION as a way out. Those who escape awaits a NEW WORLD, a world they cannot talk about to the caged ones without being called “crazy” or “fool”, without being hated by some and feared by others.  You will not be popular and mostly misunderstood.

It is often a road of exploration in solitude, of understanding the incomprehensible, of inner values vs outer worth, of being humble, gr(e)ateful, of NOT taking it personal…

I am Nobody, nice meeting you!

I’ve been called crazy and psychotic because I experience things that nobody understands. Still, I’m an intelligent person…so they call me an “intelligent psychotic”. It makes it easier for people to ignore what I say and what I experience. I comprehend and see their worry. It is scary and weird to have my kind of brain and to see through the veil, experience a world beyond the visible.

I invite any of you to  experience what I have and NOT GET INSANE about it. Even though I joke about it and have become so weary and doubtful about anything that IS…at times I still get very upset and totally “lose it”. I literally feel the Earth moving from under my feet and I become more “energy” than I am human. I stand beside the collective and I enter a world of energies, of other dimensions. It is quite an experience and can be very emotional. The energies can work with me and put me before a situation I have to solve with them. Like a computer game I’d be entering a world within a world, fighting to save the Earth against a threat. In one of those games I ended up being that threat, fighting this beast so much that I ended up as a very destructive force, the lower self. That was very emotional.

In another case the energies lifted me up so high that I became the higher self. That was great. I gained a lot of knowledge from that. The world is really weird when that happens. I had to keep a calm collective and I felt so peaceful like I was walking on air. But then something happened that lowered my frequency again. Sometimes the road leading to heaven can get turbulent 😂😂😂

I can lose everything personal about my self and be like “nothing”. Yet, there is great power in being the no-thing. It’s the state of enlightenment.

Getting back some of my personal information from my memory after the experience is another thing. It’s hard to do things for my self. There is this big force working against me to stop me from being individual again. It feels like this very tiring inner forcefield keeps me from doing that.

If I had the right egoless people and an egoless society around me and if I could trust that the world is safe, I would probably be able to stay in this “enlightened state”.

A lot of it can’t be explained by logic. So when logic gets in, which gets the ego back in…things get totally in sane. So it’s important to stay peaceful and observe from somewhere outside your own self and get a general overview.

It is amazing to experience all this. Yet I know that when I talk about it, most people will not allow themselves to “listen to a lunatic”.

Well, I’m pretty sure that in today’s Western society they would even call Buddha a nutcase…

I sometimes get in a state of trance and let another frequency enter for a short time. I see it as being a hotel and clearing up a few rooms to invite some welcomed guests. They sometimes knock on the door and reception checks them out before they get a room 😂😂😂. It can lead to songs, to paintings, to weird writings, to genius ideas, to more knowledge.

Save this world 🔆11


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you are now on the WEB. Ask yourself “a web, what does that mark?”
Something you can get entangled in. But you are lured to it, you feel seduced.
Are you desperately wanting quicker upload time and you can’t wait to get connected on the web through 5G? Can’t do without your smart phone anymore? You pay with your smart phone? So, you are hooked into the net…but in a fun way.
Any idea where the spider is? Or do you think it is without danger?


You were sent to this page for a reason, so please read…

Before you go on, watch this about the danger of 3rd eye opening

the text underneath the link is what made me totally in sane. In the end of november 2018 I was hospitalized in a mental institution for a month. After a week in came another person from England (who I will not further name) We both knew about these “other dimensions”. We did not know each other personally.. still we ended up both in a different country…following the higher self.  I was stuck for several days into many dimensions fighting this “beast”, this “machine”, this “Wizzard of Oz”, these “aliens who were planning to destroy humanity”, together with these “energies” around me and these “locos”…and so was this other man.

It was so surreal, but also really happening. I was into these “other dimensions”, hearing and seeing and interacting with these energies.  Revelation 9:11 was happening in this other dimension. It was totally in sane, but so very real and horrible at times. I could smell the ashes of destruction. Meanwhile I was safeguarded in this mental institution.  I was near the end of this world and everytime I had to fight, accompanied by these “energies” against the destruction of the Earth, the people…every living creature. I saw the dangers of 5G and of the artificial intelligence attached to it. This gigantic “spider” that is lurking on the world wide web, has the capacity to kill every living cell on Earth. I saw the effects of artificial intelligence in this other dimension and I fought against it on an energetic level. It was hard and emotional to see the downfal of human kind. I can only hope that there are still some human beings left in high places in this world…who look after the well-being of all Earths creatures and who can’t be bought and lured into the dark intentions of the psychopaths who want nothing more than to destroy humanity into this world and replace it by artificial intelligence.  The people of Earth are so distracted by trivial things. They are sidetracked. Meanwhile they don’t see the harm that is put upon it. Furthermore, they welcome all this technology into their lives without knowing the consequences of the harmful radiation that is put upon them. It affects water and oxigen molecules and it causes disease, cancer…

It was horrible to see all this.  Luckily I got out of that dimension and went back into our current dimension…only to warn all of you to SEE THE DANGERS of this technology, which can lead to total distruction of the Earth and all of its inhabitants!

It took a lot from the people around me to make me think clear again and get out of these other dimensions. The people who do not know these dimensions, call it “psychosis”,because they don’t really experience these other dimensions. You only experience them when your 3rd eye opens and you start creating your own reality. When this happens, you need to be very mindful and not give light to anything around you that might cause harm to your self, other people or that might endanger the world. You can’t have any fear and need to trust on your true self and let everything come to you.  It is really difficult…there is youtube and all kinds of misinformation…and when you give light to all these wrong things.. before you know it…you create the WRONG kind of reality for your self and you don’t trust anyone or anything anymore. So…you go nuts…however intelligent you might be…when you are a deep thinker, you are running this risk. So people, when you are one of the “sensitives”, don’t watch any of the bad, wrong stuff on the internet anymore. Just give light to the fact that these “dark plans” will be eradicated by good people and trust that things will sort themselves out…otherwise you might go mental 🙄 like me…unable to take the stress and get in such a fury about all the unfairness in this world and start fighting this “beast” behind the system…in a state of consciousness which is “in between worlds” and beyond the visible. I guess they called me “Eleven” for a reason. They knew I would fight this beast. I never saw the movie Eleven, but I found out about it later that it was a movie about this girl who was fighting this beast. I noticed they even knew private stuff about me, things that are very particular: the terrible nosebleeds I used to get as a kid. I saw some of it on the internet. It gave me the creeps. How on Earth did they know? What was happening? Was this all caused by these energies around me. I knew they could get into the collective and influence people, situations…I’ve watched them do this and was amazed. Who was I supposed to tell? Part of my life has always been secret. I was their Bond, secret agent 11 😂😂😂. I joke about it, because it is my way of handling the difficulty of the situation. There is so much going on that my logical brain cannot fully understand…yet it is really happening. It gets so freaking weird sometimes!

I seem to be changing from one consciousness to another and things seem to be done through me, without me being fully conscious. I become “another energy” and things    happen from this other energy… but luckily these are things that help this world… I have allowed these energies to work through me and become their vessel, only to help this world, humanity and all other beings who are here to save Earth from total destruction. I fully understand when people think that I am crazy. I would think the same if I hadn’t experienced what I have and be totally unaware of the world behind the visible. So, no hard feelings…only a warning from me to human kind to change their ways!

Sometimes I was in a state of total serenity – I remember flashes of this – and I remember looking at the TV and seeing another dimension in it, and the floor beneath my feet was moving. You would start to think I was high on LSD, but I never once took drugs in my whole life.

At times I was wondering if this was happening because of some kind of mind control, sometimes it seemed that I was playing a game…it was freaking weird…I was  pulling in another dimension into reality, like I was in bi-location, hearing and seeing everything on an “energetic level”.

I was totally gone and had to remember who I was. I wouldn’t advise anyone to go through this experience unprepared and unnaturally using drugs. You can easily get stuck into another dimension and not get out of it…totally freak out. It is not a pick-nick! I get into these other dimensions because my body creates DMT in a natural way, which allows me to get in touch with other dimensions and energies beyond the visible.  I have “higher energies” around me which protect me from the lower ones. These “lower energies” is precisely why there are so many people who hear voices that terrorise them. They attach to EGO.  Hence why every sensitive who hears negative voices…should call upon the higher self and free them selves from the everlasting struggle of ego/false self and be TRUE SELF.

I can tell a lot more. But why should I? Nobody would ever believe me. It’s easier to just claim that I am a psychotic. I don’t mind, if that makes it easier for you.

If you want to, you can watch the video underneath from Trevor Ilesley or from Infinite Waters and realise that when your 3rd eye opens, you have to be mindful and only give light to the things you want to see appear in your life. A warning from me to you…I went through it….I felt like being stuck into this painting of Dali. It was so surreal, but it was reality into another dimension. Try explaining this to the outside world 🤨

3rd eye opening can make you mad!

Infinite waters, 3rd eye opening

Had enough of this weirdness??? This is not the x-files…it is reality. If you can’t take it…stop reading. This is only meant for the people who know that there is more than what the eye can see…

The following is the dimension I got stuck in…I noticed that everyone was attached to something, no joke, an app like google. I noticed that the people around me were mind-controlled. I’m still figuring out what is causing this control on humans (Most likely explanation is that I was totally aware of the Collective and freaked out by the magnitude of what I was seeing) It was really freaky!!! I fled my own country…unable to trust anyone anymore…and I got really angry at the world…and took up the fight with this “beast” in many dimensions. I had these “locos” around me…really funny energies sometimes…and also serious. It was really heavy going through all that.  My experiences are on Twitter. I am the example of how dangerous this 3rd eye opening can be. I took 2 pills, not red…not blue…but pink 🤨 it’s called Seroquel. It helped me to get stable again. So be careful…really careful!

Are you ready? Are you sure you want to go on reading? Ok, then…here it comes…


And I saw a star that had fallen from heavetn to Earth 

and THE KEY to thee abyss was given to him….”

I’m telling it to you blunt

It’s me they are talking about here

and I’ve written THE KEY to warn the people 

I have the energies around me and I noticed that some of the alternations in 

the Mandela Effect are referring to me and my writings, to IAM

I can’t give you my identity, but I’m a benevolent being,

No joke, my name in Hebrew means “star of the sea”, 

I was born 116 and FieldS, Mirror, Wolf, Matrix, Lion….look it up

they all refer to me and my writings. 

I can’t believe the energies did this. I’ve only become aware of this a couple of days ago. I didn’t even know they could change the bible like that. Sure, I asked the energies to give the proof of their existance. So far they had only given me some proof. But I figured it wasn’t enough. So I asked for PROOF THAT EVERYONE WOULD BE ABLE To SEE.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I’d rather not be exposed. 

But I’m having a hard time of making people see. So please, help,

Whoever you are….

You can find me on Twitter 

and here is the link to THE KEY 


here is the link to the composition I’ve created 


tie this to 5G and you will start seeing what their plan is


To all the angels around…help me warn the people

The energies at CERN (the abyss) have opened the door

to a new dimension. I can see the picture clear

soon there will be trouble and if you haven’t read THE KEY

and are not aware, not being truthful…it’s going to be hell for you

They lokus are going after the bad guys. They will torment them

until they will finally decide to give themselves in. They will go nuts.

I know these energies and what they can do

Please ….everyone…help me warn the people now

Retweet whatever you can, enclose a link, whatever

Make people get aware of this, make them see


Link to my Twitter page

P.s.:press the blue 11 on top of this page to read everything on this blog

weird, isn’t it?…that is what got me “psychotic” (for the outside world)…but I can tell you…it was REAL…but in another dimension…like some kind of portal had opened…which made me con-CERN-ed. 💡💡💡

Put yourself in my shoes and imagine experiencing what I did…you would have a lot of questions and nobody can understand what it is like.

On the contrary to a lot of people, I do not hide this side of my life. What people think or say about me is not really important. They do not experience what I do and are judging from an understanding that the physical world and what they see is all that exists in this world. So, of course most people will see me as “crazy”.

I don’t care about keeping up appearances to get my Youtube Channel sponsored. I’m more interested in bringing out the truth. It is what it is. I’m a creative brain and my mind goes deep and wide and I am able to see connections. My thinking is however “slow” and my filters around me sometimes completely collapse. I am a very sensitive being. It has its benefits and its downside.  Also this experience has taught me more knowledge.

But what is really weird is that it’s like trying to fit together a puzzle with all these pieces that come up to me, pieces that truly exist and are not a fragment of my imagination. Things that can be verified, proof that can be checked. There is a world of energies and other dimensions behind this visible world. Everything comes out of nothing. This “nothing” is however a no-thing, not tangible but ever so real!

Link to my music/videos on YOUTUBE


My experience on how to deal with lower energies

A lot of sensitive people suffer from “lower energies” which attach to ego. It’s no joke when they make people suicidal, aggressive, alcoholic…feeling totally negative about themselves. They like to take their victims up “the guilt trip” and make usage of pride and shame. A lot of their victims hear these energies talking to them and suffer tremendously…going in sane with conflicting thoughts. To normal people these are the schizophrenics, the psychotics, the ones who hallucinate. Yet, few seem to understand that these “voices” are not illusions, but are very real to the ones going through this. 

In fact, they have proved their existence to me on many occasions. Of course, most people would rather not hear about this. It is frightening to know that such “energies” do exist beyond the visible. 

The question arises: “how can we deal with these energies?” My experience is that the state of unconditional love is the path to get into a higher frequency and then call upon the higher energies to guide you through it and protect you. Avoid stressful situations, be zen, think positive and avoid anything that can throw you off your balance. Let the higher self guide you and trust upon it. 

You will never be a normal human being, but you can learn to live with this “sensitivity” and for most of us that means that we have to pull out of society

and lead our own weird lives… step into the unknown

Unconditional love is not the same as ”just tolerating everything”…

it is creating the maximum experience that is needed for every energy

So in other words when there are lower energies around you, their nature is to bring people down and drag them through hell, to bring destruction. Know this. Be aware of them. Don’t let them get to you, but work with them. If necessary find them something to destroy that brings in a positive change for this world. See to it that they have their needs met in some positive way. Reason with them like you would reason with with a child that is angry or disappointed. Be creative! 

Some time there have been energies around me that were like “practical jokers” and that liked to create chaos. I was like, wtf?….what is going on here?
At some point I saw changes happening and nobody was noticing them. It seems that parts of the bible can even be rewritten, the “lion and lamb” replaced with words from Nostradamus prophecies and few even notice this. Is the world asleep? Or has the dimension I am in been changed?

I had called upon the higher energies to protect me and shield off the lower energies…so what were these energies then? They knew that there was a limit to what they could do before these higher energies around me would react towards them. I’m sure even the higher energies had their laughs when these “funny energies” were around me. All I saw of them is that they were pulling off jokes around me that made the situation I was in…totally hilarious. They knew exactly who I was and how I felt about this world. I liked their humour. So we kind of created a win-win friend relationship. They “amazed” me at times with their “capabilities”.   When they saw me getting insanely angry over all the injustice in this world, we made a deal that together we would do whatever we could to save humanity. It was done. Too bad I can’t actually watch what they are doing now…I’m sure it would make a great movie. They are probably having a ball. 😂😂😂

With the pleasure of  IAM

P.S.: Creation is within YOU. Instead of fighting things, start morphing them to good things…and notice the change




Message to the children of Light. Anyone with an ear, let them hear… anyone with an eye, let them see…


…and I landed on a planet filled with crazy people walking around…driving everyone around them totally in sane. The beast they worshipped was controlling every move, every thought…yet they couldn’t see it themselves. The lower self had taken over, ego, pride, shame, falsehood.

My mother was full of fury, shaking, spitting fire, going crazy with all the evil that was done upon her..

and my father shouted down at me: “For the love of Christ, child of mine…do something…your mother can’t take any more. Soon the sons of man will be destroyed”

I said “I can’t put my will upon them. They have lost their dignity. Evil spirits are attached to them from the pit of the dark night….they are filled with lies, controlled like puppets and they can’t see thee. They must chose them SELVES to be free”

Some of them worshipped a man on a cross, named Jesus (Zeus= god of war)  and were told that it was Christ. Yet they did not know what “Christed” really meant. They couldn’t see the real light and used religion to create war and to quarrel amongst them. Some of them were walking around a cube and keeping the female in prison. They were told that man was above woman. (But they never understood the true meaning of that) and took it literally..  The beast saw them fight and laughed…”all is fine. They are fighting their selves. I’ve tricked them well. They are so blind that they will never see me.”

And my father said….”gather my children and let them hold the light so strongly that they will see the maya of illusion. In them is the power to conquer the old and shape a new reality. Teach your selves how to do so….the miracle is within thee”

And so it was done…

and the evil ones were cast down in the lake of fire, purified to their natural state.

So remember…. 

Light will always conquer darkness. .make sure it is within thee

Do not take pride upon you and treat my children equally. Lighten up your selves and embrace the darkness in thee. 


Mirror mirror on the wall…

7BAD348C-38A0-49D7-A464-13403D415093Society has become increasingly narcissistic. I call it ego-society. Yet, I cannot judge the ones who participate willingly or unwillingly in this epidemic. We all have free will to chose ego or real self. 

All these “selfies” out there are not healthy. Every time I have to create a video to one of my songs, I know I am creating an image for people. Somehow I don’t want to be caught up in it too much and I don’t want to live up to this image that people might want to see of me. It’s just an image, not reality!

It is hard out there to be your real self and even harder to make people see their  true self. Sometimes people get scared of you, feel threatened and victimised when you don’t support the false image they have. They will even grab hold of other people and turn them against you and make you look like the bad person.

The threat that people feel is that their narcissistic supply will no longer be delivered to them. Narcissism makes you need people to be able to feel better. Without the reassurance of the people around you or the crowd….supporting all those labels that you think you are….you no longer exist.

When I make a painting, there will be people around me who will tell me “you should paint nature”, while I am painting a half-naked woman with flowers on her breasts. When I make a song I don’t even bother about all the critics who would like me to make a different type of song. That is their narcissism trying to control my creativity and turn my own creation in what THEY would like to see. In my mind I just point my middle finger at them and I tell them I’m just doing my own thing. I don’t need anyone’s approval to do what I am doing. I’m not anyone’s dog or trophy. Nobody tells me what to paint, write, sing, say or believe. My reason of existence does not depend upon the validation of others.

I don’t think that anyone is free of narcissism. Hell, I watch out daily not to overstep my own boundaries or the ones of others, while making sure not to be affected by any ego-manipulation of some kind. At times when I have emotional or relational imbalances and I can’t take much more, I can feel threatened and turn into an outburst of anger too. It has its negative effects on the well-being of my body and mind and on the people I am around. It usually freaks people out to see this other side of me. I call this part of me “the crocodile” and it comes up when I feel very unsafe. I’ve always been a sensitive child and the people around me did not know how to deal with this. So, I felt very alone and all I could talk to where these “energies”, the elements, nature…

Some children feel like they are expected to act and be a certain way and they feel like they are not allowed to just be themselves. A part of them has to remain a secret. Some children adapt, others stay angry inside and become rebels.

There is a lot of narcisssism behind closed doors. Families are not always what they appear to be. Espacially those who hide behind their catholic face and seem so perfect….they hide behind a mask of innocence.  No-one ever wants to open up about this to his parents or his family, because of the guilt trip that awaits them. It’s a hush-hush thing and it is covered up in such a twisted way, that nobody ever seems to have the courage to even discuss this subject. Surely your parents had it even worse than you and those before them were the worst of them all.! The whole of society operates in this way. So what do you expect?

So, we all stay angry and bitter…trapped into a “fake” system…where we hide our TRUE selves…and the very clever ones that build up this “fake” society we live in profit from the guilt/shame/unhappyness of each and every one of us. “Maybe you should buy that new cell phone…it could make you feel better!”…and that is exactely how this  “show” keeps on going and everyone seems to be doing it. Pardon me for saying this…because I’m stepping on some toes here. The only way to bring some change in this system we are all living in, is to say it out loud. “I no longer want to be in this masquerade. It ends here!”

Surely parents only want the best for their children. It’s just that they don’t always want to see what is best for the child. They have society’s weight put upon them. Every parent is still trying to get over his or her “twisted” childhood and they don’t know any better.

But now that I’m older, A part of me can get really angry when it feels attacked by the behaviour of other people when they try to put their guilt upon me in order to manipulate me. It’s not something I can controle and it is hard to stay calm once the tiger is out of its cage. So, believe me…I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by anger.

I don’t have all the answers, I don’t know everything….or like Emmanuel from Faulty Towers would say: “I know nothing”. I am just merely trying to help in my own way. Nothing I do is perfect because I am not perfection. Some people feel ashamed when confronted with their own imperfection. Why? 

Every imperfection turns you into a unique being. A blind person has sharper hearing. If we all help each other out and share our truths, visions, experiences….we will see the bigger picture. Don’t be afraid to be your real self, however vulnerable, imperfect or unordinary it may be. When people laugh at you, let them laugh. Just show the world that you love and respect your REAL self and that you no longer want to be manipulated into this image society wants you to be. Let them call you “weird” and “crazy”. Why would you care about what certain people – who can’t even think for themselves – think of you? Don’t try to convince them either or force them into taking off their masks, because their denial will be all-convincing. The only thing you can do to change society and this world is to be your true self and thereby lead by example. 

Be compassionate towards those who can’t reach their true self, because the process is very painful for some and nobody really wants to go through that. Don’t let them hurt you either. Just be around, not to be used or abused, not to reinforce someone’s false image and support the ego….but to understand their pain. Understand also that people’s pain might be so deep that they can’t afford to really care about you and are afraid to get hurt for caring that deeply. Keep your distance and don’t get caught up in it personally. When you see no way out, just walk away. Don’t become a victim, don’t lend your self to those who are looking for self – been there, done that 🙄 – but show them how to find their real self by example.

I’ve tried out numerous ways to deal with my own and other’s people narcissism. But it is so entangled into this society that it takes an effort from everyone to deal with this problem. We should all stop and point the finger at each other and embrace our own shadow. Remind yourself that narcissism is inside everyone, inside me and you. This whole ego-society is build around it and the people who have the most narcissitic traits have found their way to the top. Narcissism can drive someone to grow completely cold, uncompassionate, full of hate, jealoussy and resentment. The worst of them have no trouble doing vicious, hateful and unfair things and they will achieve their goal….even if they have to walk all over everyone and manipulate an entire nation. Don’t get caught into their trap of manipulation. Become aware of narcissism and of the manipulation through ego, of what REAL self is.  This society is sick and we need to heal it….start by becoming aware of all the labels that are glued onto your ego, cut the cords and find your REAL self. It’s totally not easy to manipulate people who are aware of ego and who have made the choice to lay down their mask and show their real self. If we all did this, this world would be a better place!

The greatest gift you can give to the world is to be your REAL self

are you aware now what this commercial is trying to tell you?  See commercial

Unhealthy narcissism: when love becomes a dependency


The mechanism is really simple when you look at things from a distance.

People become increasingly narcissistic when you support their false self, their ego, the image they have created for themselves and exists merely out of labels that were glued onto them at some part of their lives.

It is a system of manipulation going on between people which creates a dependency. It is nowhere near based on facts but on sustaining a false image to hide feelings of minority. 

The problem is that when you never see through “why I ended up in such relationship”, you keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Let’s say that a woman meets a man and she sees he is unhappy…but she doesn’t really know why ….empathic as she is and associating her image only with her good side ( also a label) she will start to communicate with that man.

She will automatically feel his minority complex and give him false complements where he needs them. Mistake number one: she will tell him “I think you are beautiful” while knowing that he is far far away from looking like Brat Pitt. But it has started. She just set hook number one into a man by telling him a lie to make him feel better. It all seems very innocent and full of good intentions for both parties. He starts to like her and she feels appreciated.

The best thing in this situation would have been to tell the truth, something like…”beautiful men are usually gay. So what if you don’t look all that great? Looks aren’t everything. But you have a kind of charisma….something that glows from within” 

In this way the woman’s message would have been : I accept you the way you are, now accept your true self. Do you see the difference?

Mistake number 2: “I will do whatever you want me to do”. The woman will try to please him to be able to keep him, afraid of losing him. She will play the second violin for him, supporting him in his achievements, his hobbies, she will even go fishing with him and innerly feel repulsed when she sees him killing a fish. But she loves him…so that’s why she does it.

After doing this for over a couple of years the result will be that the man will feel  so good about himself that he won’t even appreciate the woman that supported him. It will be All about him and the woman will be left unhappy, knowing that she is basically filling up someone else’s life and has no real value herself. She really doesn’t want to support him anymore and she sees him getting more and more negative towards other people: he is now so desperately hooked to this feeling of “superiority” that he is trying to feel better by devaluating other people.  

  • After a while she meets another man and the story repeats itself. No lesson learned. 
  • This is only one example, but I bet a lot of women see themselves in this situation. Also a lot of men who want to be their true self, feel trapped into their lives and feel unable to be their true selves.
  • This is why most people feel unhappy….they are trapped in a situation of manipulation into society, into their relationship or simply within their selves. True happiness can only be found within.

So people in interacting with each other…don’t suck up to each other and say things which aren’t true…but be honest (not blunt) and tell it like it really is. We all need to accept our real selves, our shadow side. Nobody is perfect….yet everybody is so afraid of being “nobody”. However only a nobody has full potential to become everything, only WITHOUT labels we can see our full potential and start growing towards the light!


Nothing is what it seems

I appreciate every experience I have had. The good ones and the bad ones. Because nothing is ever totally good or bad. Every experience I have had in the past was a lesson that gave me awareness. I wouldn’t know what I know today without those “experiences”.

This world is ruled by another dimension, not by people…I can just say this, because I know that 99,9% of the people won’t believe me. That’s o.k. 

Without experiencing this “other dimension”, you will never know about it…and you will never know that life is just a game to them.

Just like there is infrared below our visible spectrum, there are invisible lower energies that cling onto the ego and drag people down. On the other hand, just like ultraviolet..there are energies that pull you up into your real self and take you up towards the higher self, the IAM, the source, the divine self. 

That is the ongoing fight between the light and the darkness.

If I would tell you all I know so far, I would probably freak out millions of people just for a while. But the truth is in fact so unbelievable that nobody wants to assume it is reality. 

One day I just woke up and I knew, I saw all the connections, and it was so surreal …I felt like I had just walked into a painting of Dali.

I wondered what would happen if I got this information out in the open. So I told a few people (who thought I was in some kind of psychosis) and by now will have forgotten everything I’ve told them. However this “other dimension” instantly made it clear to me that “giving away this kind of information” would have its consequences for “those of my kind”. Whatever they did was striking and so specific that it made me realise that I wasn’t just imagining it. I knew this had to remain a secret. There was a purpose for all this. I searched the internet and what I know is out there…even with proof. Some day a whole bunch of people are going to wake up to the truth. But it’s everyone’s decision to look for the truth, find it, accept it and live with the responsibility of knowing it. 

The power of the IAM is within you and within every energy. Use it wisely. 

You are important. Every decision you make affects the whole and can drive humanity towards the light or towards darkness. Stand above your own beast, above what you were ever tought to believe, above pride / shame / popularity / achievements /materialism …. above every selfish motive. Get out of this box that was created around you and take off any label that was glued upon your box. Simply BE and see what you can do to bring back the humanity into this world. No matter where you are or what you do..  whatever your limitations….there is always something you can do. Even when there is nowhere left for you to go….go right within and find your REAL SELF and start asking questions. You will get answers!